Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – 26th April 2017 – The Story Reading Ape, Darlene Foster, Sue Vincent and Stuart France, Kirt Tisdale and Teagan Geneviene and D.G. Kaye

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

I know that I can be neglectful of Goodreads as a networking platform but luckily The Story Reading Ape spotted an article today that gave me a kick up the backside.

Social media expert Barb Drozdowich counts the ways for indie authors to network on Goodreads to help market their self-published books. Goodreads is often the site that is dismissed as difficult to navigate or full of nasty people. Let’s talk about these elephants shall we?

Can Goodreads be difficult to navigate? I think so. But like learning to write excellent dialogue, navigating Goodreads can be learned with a little bit of patience.
Is Goodreads full of nasty people? Not really. There are 50 million account holders on Goodreads. In a group that large there are bound to be nasty people. Take your local mall as an example. Not everybody there is pleasant, yet you continue to shop there. You develop a way to cope with the nasty people – you can do the same on Goodreads.

Read the rest of this enlightening post:

Darlene Foster shares some of her trip to Malta and the story of an event during World War II that many would consider a miracle.. especially those present at the time.

We took the bus to Mosta, a market town in the middle of Malta. In the centre of Mosta sits a fabulous domed cathedral built in the mid-1800s. It is an amazing piece of architecture inside and out, featuring the third largest unsupported church dome in Europe. Dedicated to the Assumption of Our Lady, it replaced a much smaller church that had been on the site since 1619. The Mosta Rotunda is also the site of a miracle.

See the photographs and enjoy the tour:

Time for love and sorrow in a story taken from the Doomsday series by Sue Vincent and Stuart France.  Myths tend to be grounded in the true stories of long ago that have been told and retold around a hearth… especially on dark nights when winds howl around the shelter.. it helps set the mood for this tale of unrequited love…..

The Giant’s Tale

In the deep river valley, where the Wye falls and tumbles across the stones or spreads its silken surface wide, the tall mound of Fin Cop is silhouetted against the sky. Many are the mysteries held in the heart of that hill; ancient secrets and stories that tell of love and loss. One such is the tale of a giant named Hulac Warren, the fiddler of Fin.

Hulac lived in a cave where the limestone turrets of Hobs Hurst stand like a castle against the slope of the hill. It is said that the giant was never seen, save by starlight when his hulking shape blocked the moon, when, for a bowl of cream, he would thresh the corn, doing the work of ten men in a night.

Yet though he was not seen, he himself watched from his lonely castle and when the sunset gilded the hills the sound of his music could be heard on the breeze.

Do head over and read the rest of the story:

This week Teagan Geneviene is teaming up with artist Kirt Tisdale of the Wall Gallery Blog, as part of her 1920’s Three Things Serial Story posts. Kirt has chosen as a prompt for this week’s story, a stunning photograph of an old and weatherbeaten barn, that looks like it would be right at home in the serial.

I could call this week’s post – “The Art of Visualization: The Key Element to Writing, Art and Photography”, but the result of that ability is “On The Radio – Meet Hank”. I’m doing a joint collaboration with one of my favorite authors, Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene. One of my most consistent comments to her after reading her writing is: “I love it…I am instantly pulled in because I can visualize everything you are writing about”. When she asked me to do this joint post, her request was simple: “Go through your art and photography portfolio and send me a picture that you would like to have me weave into one of my novels”. I narrowed it down to Cedar Rapids Barn because this capture of an old dilapidated barn created a visualization of a rural setting and the mystery surrounding the structure (side note: I was driving on the outskirts of Cedar Rapids, Iowa in the heavily wooded hills along the river when I spotted this structure nestled in the trees. Of course I had to stop…hike into the woods and take some shots with my camera). So with that, I would like to turn it over to the star of this visualization, Teagan:

Go over and see for yourself how perfect the image of the barn is for Teagan’s Three Things Serial Story this week:

And last but not least Debby Gies.. D.G. Kaye with another of her intriguing Memoir Bytes. This week the wonderful story of her fiesty grandmother who took part in the first Miss Toronto Beauty Contest in 1926… wonderful…

One story in particular was about my grandmother apparently, winning the very first Miss Toronto Beauty Contest in 1926 held at Sunnyside Amusement Park. Pictured below is my grandmother standing as a runner up to the far right. The story told to me by mother was that her mother had actually won the contest and was deemed the first Miss Toronto until she was disqualified and became a runner up when it was discovered that she was married when she entered. This of course turned out to be another lie my mother loved to boast about because of course if her mother didn’t win, there had to be a reason. In the photo my grandmother was 21 years old.

Read the whole story.. very entertaining:

I hope you enjoy today’s selection…the links to your most recent post are always welcome Thanks Sally



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