Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Author Update – Janice Spina, Pamela S. Wight and Judith Barrow.

Janice Spina is celebrating as her book Jerry the Crabby Crayfish has won a prestigious Pinnacle Book Achievement Award. It won in the Best Books in Children’s Interest and it is the fourth award for Janice’s popular children’s books.

About Jerry the Crabby Crayfish and a note from Janice about the inspiration behind the story.

Jerry is a crabby crayfish who all day long wishes he could be a fish. One day something happens in the fish tank that makes Jerry change his mind. Read about the valuable lesson Jerry learns.

Here is a little information about Jerry. He was a real Crayfish that my husband and I had as a pet in one of our fish tanks. He was a beautiful shade of blue and quite a character. He was at times a little crabby and would warn the fish in the tank to stay away from him. When he was hungry he would tap the glass and beg for food. He would also warn my grandchildren not to bother him by waving his claws at them. They had a tendency to tap the glass to get his attention. They were sad when he passed. So was I.

One of the outstanding reviews for the book

If anyone thought fish and waterlife were boring, well, think again. Not in this entertaining story. It is more than just a rhyming story about crayfish. This pleasantly illustrated picture book includes both a wonderful lesson and information that will interest young children. The rhythm and pulse throughout the book produces a strong chant that children fall into naturally. The illustrations are sweet and simple, and they charmingly create a personality for each character. The brightly colored pictures are done in a style that is very close to that of children’s drawings, and nicely introduce children to the fascinating world of fish. This joyfully illustrated book is a lot of fun to read and leaf through. A great rhyming story that stays on your lips long after you are done with it. “Swish, swish, swish, I wish I were a fish!”

Janice Spina has created another wonderful book full of playful, funny, whimsical characters, one that entertains and promotes individuality. Although it is sometimes hard to be yourself, it is always the best rule. Imagination should be encouraged in children, and this book beautifully illustrates the concept for them. A great and entertaining book for young readers!

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The next update is for Pamela S. Wight who has just released this delightfully illustrated book, Birds of Paradise for children and adults alike. Beautifully illustrated by Shelley A. Steinle.

About the book

Sweet sparrows Bessie and Bert grow up as differently as night and day. Bessie is fearful of the dangers inherent in being a bird. She’s scared to leave her cozy branch. But Bert relishes flying in the sky and pecking delicious seeds on the ground, until he loses half a tail. Bessie and Bert uncover each other’s fears and, through a newfound friendship, re-discover the delight in being birds. Charming, lustrous illustrations and light, lilting verse delight children and adults alike as they gain a new appreciation for the joyous birds in their own backyard.

You can find out how this beautiful book was finally published by visiting the post on The Story Reading Ape’s blog

Thirty five years ago, I wrote a wonderful bird’s tale. About a bird who almost lost his tail.

Beta readers, university professors, parents of young children all loved my book about Bert and Bessie, two birds who needed to find each other to find themselves.

Then, “life happened.”

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Also by Pamela S. Wight

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Last but definitey not least is Judith Barrow, whose three books set during and after World War II are highly regarded. I enjoyed reading them and eagerly await Judith’s next release. Time to update the first book in the series Pattern of Shadows and the place to start obviously if you have not yet read Judith’s books.

About Pattern of Shadows

Mary is a nursing sister at Lancashire prison camp for the housing and treatment of German POWs. Life at work is difficult but fulfilling, life at home a constant round of arguments, until Frank Shuttleworth, a guard at the camp turns up. Frank is difficult to love but persistent and won’t leave until Mary agrees to walk out with him.

A recent review for Pattern of Shadows

Wonderful story! By Cathy Murray on 11 April 2017

Pattern of Shadows is a wonderful story set in the latter days of World War Two somewhere in the north of England. Mary Howarth is a nurse who is part of a medical team given the unenviable task of caring for sick and injured prisoners of war at the prison camp hospital. Mary starts a relationship with one of the guards at the camp, Frank Shuttleworth. The relationship proves difficult for Mary but Frank is persistent.

Meanwhile, Mary’s home life is far from easy and she finds solace in her work. As the novel evolves Mary’s life becomes increasingly fraught and complicated. To say more would be to give away an extremely well constructed plot which explores some challenging issues of the day. I’ve already read Silent Trauma by this author and know that Judith Barrow can write about difficult subjects with sensitivity and honesty. The writer displays that same talent again in this novel.

The novel is well researched and the sense of time and place is established securely. The author has created a group of characters who are very real and the dialogue and interactions between them are a strength of the writing. The romance element of the novel has a degree of predictability but when the concluding chapter is reached there is a sense of relief that what was anticipated has occurred. Pattern of Shadows is the first of a three part set which takes the story on further and it’s going to be fascinating to see what happens next.

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A cover reveal for Judith’s new book

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