Smorgasbord Blogger Daily 28th April 2017 – Sue Vincent, Jessica Norrie, Russell Ray, Teri Polen with Darlene Foster… and some funnies

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

Welcome to the small selection of posts that caught my eye today.. First up is one that Sue Vincent shared a link to

As someone who regularly talked to Sam my collie, especially when my husband was a couple of thousands of miles away in our home in Madrid for weeks at a time, I loved this post. Sam got talked at from 8 weeks old and I know that he could anticipate by the time he got to two.. a brilliant experience… This article is by Elise Moreau writing for Learning From Dogs Blog.

If you’ve ever owned a pet, you’ve probably talked to it at one point or another. And even though you may have been fully aware that your pet couldn’t talk back or even really comprehend what you were saying, you still did it anyway.

Why do we do this? Why do we talk to our pets like human friends when we know their little minds just aren’t built to think or feel the same way we do?

When we talk to our pets, we subconsciously create a human-like bond in our own minds with non-human creatures. We’re built for connection — and we feel more connected to things when we recognize that they’re just like us.

Talking to animals (and even to inanimate objects, such as house plants) is called anthropomorphism. We usually call it “cute” when kids do it, but when adults do it, we tend to view it as a little weird and immature.

According to behavioral science professor at the University of Chicago and anthropomorphism expert Nicholas Epley, talking to animals and objects is actually a sign of intelligent social cognition. Humans are very social creatures, so our brains are wired to see faces and perceive minds everywhere.

Read the rest of this informative post:

Jessica Norrie

When was the last time that you read words in a book or a poem and had to re-read them because they were so beautiful. Jessica Norrie shares some of the words she has recently seen and admired in the Edna O’Brien novel The Little Red Chairs.. In further praise of Irish authors, Jessica looks at the power of the wording of book titles.

In praise of beautiful writing

Such an obvious thing and so easy to overlook: stories and books are composed of words so it’s the words that matter most. In these days of unreliable heroines, bodies eviscerated in infinitely revolting ways, and rush-to-the-finish plots, what a refreshing pleasure it is to be greeted by an author who won’t let you pass on by without stopping to admire her words. And having paused, you find yourself re-reading and reciting them to benefit fully from the careful cadences.

Read the post and share words that you found beautiful with Jessica – I have added mine:

Time now for some stunning nature photography from Russell Ray who lives in California. We had lots of dragonflies in Spain and in the early evening when I would have my last swim of the day they would swoop across the surface of the water along with the swallows and they would miss me by inches… Russell captures them in all their translucent glory.

Head over and see the stunning photographs and also browse through Russell’s archives:

Teri Polen interviews children’s author Darlene Foster on her blog today. Darlene’s books follow the adventures of teenager Amanda as she travels around Canada and Europe. If you follow Darlene on her blog you will discover that she does in depth research into her locations and so far as denied my requests to carry her suitcase!

Darlene Foster

We’re changing it up today on Indie Author Friday. Darlene Foster is sharing her exciting collection of children’s travel adventure books. Join Amanda as she journeys around the world and experiences new cultures and a few mysteries.

What do you wish you’d known before you were published?

I wish I had known that although it is possible to get published, it can take a long time. I think if I had known how long it would take, I would have started the process sooner. I got into the writing game a bit late. However, I believe it is never too late to start writing!

Read the rest of the interview and find out more about Amanda:

As it is Friday and time for the weekend to get started here are a few funnies to help get you in the mood.

Who Me!!!!

Have a very good weekend.  Sally.


21 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blogger Daily 28th April 2017 – Sue Vincent, Jessica Norrie, Russell Ray, Teri Polen with Darlene Foster… and some funnies

  1. Lovely picks today Sal, and I loved the ‘encyclopedias for sale’ lol. P.S. I just wanted to add I had trouble getting to this post as I presume many others will. Again there is no title with a link to click on on your landing page to get here. The only way I got here again was scrolling to the bottom where it says click to reply or comment. Just thought I’d let you know. 🙂 ❤

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  3. Really enjoyed the interview with Darlene Foster on Teri Polen’s blog. Children’s travel adventure books- what an excellent idea with a whole world of possible plots and settings! And those dragonfly photos from Russell Ray were stunning. Have commented likewise on both blogs. Thank you for sharing.

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  4. I really enjoyed all of these posts, Sally. Jessica’s post about the use of language in books was very interesting – I find that a lot of modern books are sadly lacking in good prose. It is almost as if some of them are written with television or a movie in mind so lots of action but no descriptions.

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