Keep Calm and Blame Canada

One thing I was brought up to be was polite to the neighbours and there have been some interesting ones over the years. When you live in close proximity you have to work it out.. Donna Parker mourns the growing divide between the USA and Canada and also the UK. She has a point…actually several… well said..

yadadarcyyada is the
deal, America?
I thought
we had an
We Canadians
have tried
to be
we’re kinda
known for it.

I feel let down. Canada has kept our part of the bargain, regularly offering up sacrificial talent to the USA volcano: Michael J. Fox, Ryan Reynolds, Jim Carrey, Dan Akroyd, Mike Myers, William Shatner

Tricia Helfer, Alex Trebek, Lorne Michaels, Michael Bublé, Mary Pickford (yes, American’s sweetheart was Canadian), James Doohan, Elizabeth Arden, Joni Mitchell, Arcade Fire, Sandra Oh, Monty Hall, Michael Cera, Tommy Chong, Nathan Fillion

Dave Foley, Yannick Bisson, Cobi Smulders, Wayne Gretzky, The Tragically Hip, Leslie Neilsen Rick Moranis, Seth Rogen, Neil Young, Margaret Atwood, Martin Short, Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne, Peter Jennings, Rich Little, Morley Safer, Barenaked Ladies, Fay Wray…

Eugene Levy, Carrie-Ann Moss, Frank Gehry, Drake, Ryan Gosling Shania Twain, Joshua Jackson, Eric McCormack, Neve Campbell…

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11 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Blame Canada

  1. Posted this on Donna’s blog:
    The sad and terribly frustrating part of this is that most Americans do not support Trump. He lost the popular vote by millions in the election. He’s more a dictator than a President. Clinton would be fostering our relationship with Canada, NATO… I hope most people understand that the idiot currently in the White House neither defines nor represents American values. In fact, most of us are holding our breaths each and every day, not knowing what the POTUS will do next and wondering if we’ll end up in bread lines and soup kitchens. Trump is a malignant narcissist. I hope the world can survive his incumbency, which will most likely be known as the Day of the Maelstrom. I think the most effective thing we can do is hold positive energy and project that into all the chaos he’s creating…

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