Reblog – Fantastic Beasts by Paul Andruss

This week Paul Andruss has not only guest posted on Sue Vincent’s blog and my own but still managed to produce a fantastic article on sea serpents that might just delight Nessie of the Loch believers…

In 1845, for a meagre 25 cents, New Yorkers gaped in open mouthed wonder at the 120 foot long skeleton of a sea serpent. Scientifically named Hydrarchos Sillimanii (until the famous Yale Professor Benjamin Silliman objected), it was exhibited in the Apollo Saloon on Broadway. Apparently the creature’s huge bones were so common in the Southern States of America they were used as furniture.

It surprised no one there were sea serpents. Sea serpent sightings had been common for hundreds of years. Even the odd corpse had turned up after a storm.

In 1780 the ship ‘General Coole’ recorded seeing a very large serpent 3 or 4 feet in circumference with a light coloured back and yellow belly. In the same year, a 45 feet long sea serpent, swimming on the surface, was reported off the coast of Maine by the captain of an armed naval ship. The ship gave chase intending to fire, but the creature dived.

In 1808 a sea monster attacked an Australian ship, launching itself across the bow it savaged one of the crew. Showing great presence of mind the captain shot it in the eye with his gun and it slid back into the ocean.

Read the rest of this fascinating post and see the amazing images:

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