Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – 1st May 2017 – Annette Rochelle Aben, Blueberry Lovin’ from Berlin, Escape A Lifetime and Leigh Reagan.

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

Can you believe that it is May already!  Here is a small selection of posts that you might enjoy from the last couple of day. We start with an invitation from poet and author Annette Rochelle Aben.

May I personally invite you to the, hot off the presses, May 2017 Edition of The Magic Happens

We’ve got so many words, there are plenty to enjoy now, enjoy later and even share with friends. In fact, at the top of each article, there are social media sharing buttons. How nice of you to spread the words….

Of course, my words fall under these titles

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As you know avocados are on my list of foods to be included weekly and in this German/English post you will find some wonderful options for making open toast sandwiches with avocados the star. Blueberry Lovin’ from Berlin.

Avocado has been one of my favorite ingredients for several years now. Still, she is one of the ultimate super fruits. Why is that? On the one hand, avocados are super healthy, with all that important vitamins, minerals and unsaturated fatty acids. Another reason might also be the fact that avocados are incredibly versatile. Would you have thought that botanically speaking avocados are fruits and not vegetables? Well, eventually, this doesn’t really matter, because they taste both in a hearty and and in a sweet combination.

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Are you planning a trip to Washington and want to keep to a budget.. Then you might find this post useful written by Cindy of Escape a Lifetime Blog.  Museums, monuments, The Cherry Blossom festival, Arlington.. and plenty more.

Washington D.C. on a budget? You can forget about that. However, there might be a way to keep your expenses as low as possible: all things Smithsonian. The Smithsonian museums are all free and most of them are located on both sides of the National Mall. Pretty easy, isn’t it? My 3 favorites are the National Museum of American History, the National Museum of Natural History and the National Air and Space museum. You can easily spend a day in each of those three.

Read more about the things to do (or not to do) in Washington D.C.

Now time for a book review from Leigh Reagan for The Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard which is a #1 New York Times Bestseller. I read mostly indie authors now for both work and leisure but I do still hit the bookstore and buy books off the shelf. At the moment I am on a mission to encourage readers to review the books they have read.. but when you see that an author has nearly 2000 reviews do you think perhaps they don’t need yours?  Well they do and Leigh Reagan has done a great review for Victoria Aveyard. Incidentally you can enjoy Leigh’s own writing on her blog.

In The Red Queen, Mare Barrow is the quintessential bad-*** capable of taking out both Katniss Everdeen and Tris Prior without breaking a sweat.

This was a book set in an incredibly messed up world that was filled with surprises around every corner. One of the biggest surprises to me was the fact that I actually liked this book! Now, don’t get me wrong, I loved the other two hit dystopian works mentioned above. Luckily I got involved in those series before I was “dystopianed” out. The Red Queen took this somewhat played out genre and breathed some life back into it, making it a subject that I ended up really enjoying.

The book takes place in the future of the world we know today. The Silver Blooded people group that exhibit god like abilities rules this government. These men and women are simply called Silvers and all have some variation of a gift or special skill. Some are extraordinarily powerful and can do things like control other peoples’ minds, summon fire, or heal the sick and injured. In this world, it is the Silvers who rule over their non-Silver counterparts, known as the Reds, who bleed the same as you or I.

Read the rest of the excellent review:

 Thank you for dropping by today and enjoy the rest of the week. Thanks Sally


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