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Today’s featured author is Lindy Rorke author of the recently published memoir The Rorkes Drift North set in the time when Zimbabwe was still known as Rhodesia.

About the book

This entertaining memoir is set in Gatooma (Kadoma) during the time the country Zimbabwe was still known as Rhodesia. It is largely an account of a family history that touches on the lives of so many others and their memories. The book will be of interest to anyone who has lived in or loved Africa.

The story unfolds to reveal how the author’s parents built a farm and a business from crown land with only a dirt track leading through it. Interwoven in their lives between the successes and failures of the farm, their children arrive, bringing a whole new dimension to family life. The characters of the extended family further enrich the story along with intriguing neighbours who bring in even more colour and contrast to the unfolding picture.

The challenges the author’s parents faced were daunting. Through sheer determination, hard work, ingenuity, long hours and many years, they built one of the finest farms in the area. Rhodesia was at the time a paradise and this book is a valuable record of history as a dramatisation and a true slice of life as it once was. There are glimpses of real-life conditions within these telling pages of the exploits of the Rorke family.

Two of the recent reviews for The Rorkes Drift North.

on April 14, 2017

A wonderful historical account of a family’s struggles and successes in establishing a farm in Rhodesia / Zimbabwe. The main character is from a long standing farming family but seeks to establish his own enterprise. He is ambitious ,enterprising, and understands the rural world and as a professional farmer he is able to exploit his gifts”. At the same time he is a dedicated husband and loving father.

The book takes the reader through the vulnerability of farming life due to erratic rainfall and political changes.

This is a difficult book to put down; one wants to carry on reading.
Beautifully written

The present day failed dictatorship called Zimbabwe was once a land known as Rhodesia, a small landlocked country in Southern Africa, located between the Limpopo and Zambezi Rivers. To the west it was bordered by Botswana and to the east Mozambique. The country’s life as Rhodesia was short lived but it enjoyed an unsurpassed existence of glorious prosperity and goodwill. The sparsely populated territory was colonized in 1890 and was relinquished under conditions of betrayal, conflict and duress in 1980.

Rich in minerals and possessed of perfect conditions for agriculture, Rhodesia was one of the few countries on the planet that was developed by amazing people in the spirit of honest hard work, integrity, tenacity and good governance. A comparatively small number of white pioneer settlers and three generations of their descendants, with the help of indigenous labour, transformed the country from a wilderness to a paradise in its short life and the territory justifiably became known as the bread basket of Africa. Everything about Rhodesia was a work of art, produced by men and women willing to make huge sacrifices to see their dreams succeed.

Lindy Rorke is not a seasoned author, but in writing the story of her family she has symbolized the history of that beautiful land. In telling her story, she has told the story of Rhodesia, a land of natural beauty and courageous people, betrayed and demonized in the name of political expedience. A land that lives on in the hearts of her subjects who have wept while helplessly watching her raped and plundered through corruption, nepotism, fraud and ruthless retribution perpetrated with impunity by an illegal regime.

Ms Rorke’s first hand portrayal of her parents, transforming their piece of wild uncharted Rhodesian bush, the tenacity and courage they demonstrated in the face of hardships, epitomizes the character of Rhodesia and the wonderful people who gave birth to her.
This is a solid read. A story from the heart and I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone who needs to learn about, or be reminded of what Rhodesia was, how she was built and what families had to endure before being unceremoniously dispossessed of their life’s work through the atrocities of a ruthless and illegal regime against whom the world refused to act.

Read the other reviews and buy the book:

About Lindy Rorke

My name is Lindy Le Roux nee Rorke, I was born in Kadoma, went to school and got married there. I left zimbabwe in 1983 and moved to Middelburg, Mpumalanga. My three children were born there. We moved to Pretoria in 1996 where I’ve lived ever since with with my husband Andre Le Roux and family.

I am the author of the memior THE RORKES DRIFT NORTH, which relates the tale of a branch of the Rorke family after they arrived in Rhodesia and bought land for farming. The story is my parents story and was inspired by a couple of similar books I read and felt the need to record our family saga.

My inspiration is drawn from a number of sources, one being a book titled Melina Rorke which is part of the Rhodesiana series. I felt the need to record the next chapter of how the Rorkes fared in this wild, vast country of Rhodesia.

This is an account of an isolated tract of land in Africa and one man’s endevour to turn it into a profitable farm/ranch. The battle with the bush, the weather, workers, finances, little to no infrastructure mostly stacked against him, he fought, worked and battled for many years before success began to show.

I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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19 thoughts on “Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New on the Shelves – The Rorkes Drift North by Lindy Rorke

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    • Hello Jena, I have travelled all of Southern Africa, but mostly, Zimbabwe, South Africa. We have been through Botswana many times, spent a few months working in Northern Namibia,and on a seperate occasion hiked the Fish River Canyon. We have spent many holidays in Mozambique, travelled to Northern Zambia for work. I live in South Africa and have explored most of the country. In fact my next work will be about my experiences and travels. take care and thanks for the chat. Lindy

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    • Hello Debby, by the feedback I am receiving, it would appear that people from all walks of life are enjoying my book, I thought in the beginning it would be a niche market but it really is not the case and readers are identifying with my book from across the board. Have a look at the first few chapters and decide if the story is your type of book. take care Lindy

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      • Thank you Lindy. I’ve bookmarked to add to my TBR. Often when we write memoir, we have a particularly audience in mind which sometimes changes once we start getting feedback. For example, my Menowhat? A Memoir – a recounting of all the symptoms I went through, in humor and fact, I thought would be geared toward women only and I was floored to find how many men read it to get the inside scoop of what to expect from their partners. We never know! 🙂

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      • Oh wow…I can just imagine, it’s always been such a ‘no-go’ area for men, now they can be enlightened from another perspective and not feel alone. Take care Lindy

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