Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – 3rd May 2017 – Linda Bethea, Patricia Salamone, Adventures of a lost Teen and K.M.Alexander

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

Another sunny day here although a little more breezy than yesterday. Been out in the garden helping with the growing wood pile.. surrounded by robins and blackbirds looking for an insects that might be falling by the wayside.. they get quite close even with the mulcher noise… babies to feed. I have a feeder at the back of the house and soaked sultanas (tesco cheapest) but once rehydrated they go down a treat.. Very entertaining watching them first thing dancing by the dish as if to entice the sultana god to send new supplies.. works everytime..

I have not neglected my rounds of blogs today and hope you enjoy the few that I am passing onto you..

There are a number of serial stories on the go at the moment and I wanted to mention a couple of them because they make for great reading.. even if you cannot pop in everyday you can catch up with two or three at a time that you have missed. The first is a family saga and drama from Linda Bethea.. Charley’s Tale which began with the birth of a daughter who was not entirely as expected. This resulted in a difficult time for the family, especially Ellen her mother who has led quite a sheltered and pampered life.. Here is the start of part thirteen and you will gather things are not going well for Ellen.. I hope you will head over and catch up with all the episodes prior to this.

Note.. Linda has just released her latest book.. Just Women Getting By and I will be featuring that in the Cafe and Bookstore Update on Friday.

Charley’s Tale Part 13

When Ellen continued to scream obscenities and threats despite her restraints, Matron came with attendants who held her while Matron injected her into silence. Ellen had no way of knowing, but it was more than thirty-six hours before she woke on a locked ward with numerous other patients. She was vaguely aware of a giggling presence patting her face. She slapped, eliciting a high-pitched squeal.

“Awake and making trouble already, are you? This will calm you down.” A bitter elixir was forced into her mouth. When she spewed it out, a resounding slap rung her left ear. “You’ll do as you’re told here, Miss, or pay the price.” She couldn’t see through her fog, but another injection soon stung.

Read the rest of this episode but follow the links to go to the beginning:

Now it is time for another serial story.. The Hayes Sisters by Patricia Salamone is now on the fourth chapter and the two young at heart sisters are determined to find out how their friend was murdered.. Clara is not shy in coming forward as they say and is not above taking in a new house guest to find out more information.. follow the links to the first chapters.


“Lena, listen when Gloria comes back to take our order, just follow my lead. And, for goodness sake don’t get that wide-eyed look on your face. I have an idea and it just might work”.

“What idea”?

“She’s coming over, just follow my lead. I will tell you later, okay”? Gloria was at their table.

“Ready to order ladies”?

“Yes, I’ll have a Cobb Salad and a small bowl of that delicious Corn Chowder, thank you”. Clara replied.

Catch up with this episode and the rest of the story so far:

I know that many of us in this online community are of a certain age.. (look 40 in the mirror when we take our glasses off) but there are some talented young bloggers who also find this crazy world of ours rewarding and sometimes life changing.  Here is a post from a teenager who has been blogging for two years.  Meet Em of Adventures of a Lost Teen.

Last night before drifting off to sleep, I had the wonderful realisation of just how much blogging has become an essential part of my life. I’ve been blogging for over two years now, and it’s hard to imagine a time before I started blogging and before I met all you wonderful people. But, there was a time when I didn’t even know what a blog was – nor that such an amazing community of young bloggers existed. Before blogging, I was a very shy and reserved person and often didn’t talk to anyone about my feelings, and although I wasn’t particularly sad way back then when I was like 14/15??? (I can’t even remember haha), I have defnitely noticed changes in myself and aprreciate how much blogging has helped me to cope with sadder times in my life since then and has helped me to celebrate all the happy times too.

Read the rest of this reminder of how blogging impacts us whatever our age:

And now time to go back in time for a look a the era of the riverboats that conveyed people and cargo along the major rivers dissecting the United States.  A fascinating look at the origins of the term ‘roustabout’ from author K.M. Alexander’s blog.

These days, when someone uses the term, “roustabout,” they’re most likely referring to the workers on an oil rig. However, historically, the term was synonymous with unskilled laborers, and it was commonly used for those who worked onboard riverboats as deckhands. If the boilers were the heart of the boat, then the rousters were its lifeblood.

The crew of riverboats fell into three classes: officers, cabin crew, and deck crew. Officers included the pilot, clerk, and engineers. The cabin crew served as stewards, cooks, and chamber maids on the Boiler Deck and tended to work directly with passengers. The deck crew worked on the Main Deck and comprised the largest section of the boat’s crew. They performed broad-based, non-specific skills; they handled loading and unloading of freight, worked pumps and capstans, and joined in wooding (Loading fuel for the hungry boilers). Depending on the size of a packet, a crew could range from four or five or swell to an enormous size of one hundred twenty-one, like the crew found on the Eclipse.

See the photographs and read the rest of this fascinating post:

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