Smorgasbord Poetry – Rebellion in Frome by Sally Cronin

As I delve back into my archive of poems written from my teens onwards it amuses me to see what emotional turmoil I put myself through… and others.

This poem was written when I was sixteen following a trip to the West Country with my sister Diana.. as you can see I was the cat.. and I was away!

Rebellion in Frome by Sally Cronin

My mother said no, that while I was home
That my ears should stay pristine
But away from her, in far distant Frome
I laughed at being sixteen

The hardware store said they’d do it for free
As long as I bought the gold.
I sat there frightened but still as could be
Feeling incredibly bold

Out came the needle, the cork and the flame
A hand reached out for my ear
I closed my eyes tight as nearer he came
And moved away from my fear.

At home again under parental care
My bravado left behind
My secrets stayed hidden under my hair
Waiting for a moment more kind.

Then one day as I leant over my book
She gently tucked back my hair
A shake of the head and a knowing look
Filled with her love and her care

Acceptance was slow and came with my tears
As we both relived my act
But she understood the worst of her fears
Were now more fiction than fact

The girl child in me had stayed back in Frome
A woman taken her place
But, it’s good to know you can still come home
rebellion packed in your case.


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Thanks for dropping by and comments are always welcome. Sally

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38 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Poetry – Rebellion in Frome by Sally Cronin

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  2. I also had my ears pierced at 16 years old. My aunt had it done for me for my birthday. They used a earring gun to do it. Unfortunately, I have now developed allergies to everything under the sun and can’t wear pretty earrings any more.

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  3. It warmed my heart and brought a smile on my face. (Thank you! I needed such a thing, to take my mind from health issues). A slice of life pinned into eternity by crafted words.


  4. Well done my friend! You quite a poet even as a teen. I remember the ear piercing time, lol both times. Of course I was too foolish and in my late teens wore heavy earrings that stretched my holes so I made Zan make me a new set in my 20s. I never go without earrings. Now I just have to be careful of lightweight danglers. 🙂 xo


  5. If that is all you did to rebel, I´m sure your mother was pleased. I never did get the courage to have my ears pierced. Even when my mom and my daughter had their´s done together and begged me to join them. xo


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