Writer in Residence Extra – Last Man Standing and Rats to You by Paul Andruss

Welcome to another post from Paul’s archives. Actually you get two posts for the price of one this week.. Whilst we consider ourselves to be the top of the food chain.. things might have been very different as you will see when you read the little extra revelation at the end of the first article today.

Last Man Standing by Paul Andruss

(Adapted by Andruss)

In Alice Roberts’ book ‘The Incredible Unlikeness of Being’ about how humans came to be, she says:

‘For most of history, Mankind thought himself the pinnacle of creation. Now he believes he is the ultimate purpose of evolution. Evolution has neither pinnacle nor purpose. We are simply one species on an extremely pruned branch of the great Tree of Life.’

What she means by being on a ‘pruned branch of the Tree of Life’ is that every human species that has ever existed, except for us (Homo Sapiens), is now extinct.

Around 40,000 years ago

(A blink of an eye in evolutionary terms – modern humans have been around for about 200,000 years. Neanderthals were around for another 100,000 years before that)….

Around 40,000 years ago, there were at least another 5 unique human species on the planet with us (Homo Sapiens):

Neanderthals in Europe and the Middle East;

The Red Deer people in China;

Denisovans in Siberia;
Homo Floresiensis (the Hobbit people) of South East Asia;

And possibly revenants of Homo Erectus – a common ancestor to all the above human species, who existed for almost 2 million years.

In the short time it took Homo Sapiens to dominate the world, each of those human species went extinct. Perhaps we were responsible. Perhaps we were not. Who knows?
All that now remains with us on our pruned branch of the Tree of Life are: orang-utans, gorillas and chimpanzees.

We share around 96% of genes with chimps and look how we treat them. We experiment on them in laboratories and eat them as bush-meat.

If other species of humans were alive today would we use them as experimental subjects? Would we be civilised and put them into zoos?

It is a sobering to think how we might treat other species of human when we consider how we have treated our own species throughout history.

The way we are going, perhaps one day we will be the only species left on the whole damn Tree of Life, never mind our one pruned branch. And that’s if we’re lucky.

And as an added bonus.. we are also lucky in another respect…

Rats to you too.

With apologies to Beatrix Potter (Andruss)

Genetic analysis shows that the rodents (rats & mice) are the closest living relatives to the primates (monkeys and us). So next time just think on, but for an accident of evolution it could be them standing on a chair screaming while you scurry across the kitchen floor.

©Paul Andruss 2017

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Paul Andruss is a writer whose primary focus is to take a subject, research every element thoroughly and then bring the pieces back together in a unique and thought provoking way. His desire to understand the origins of man, history, religion, politics and the minds of legends who rocked the world is inspiring. He does not hesitate to question, refute or make you rethink your own belief system and his work is always interesting and entertaining. Whilst is reluctant to talk about his own achievements he offers a warm and generous support and friendship to those he comes into contact with.

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32 thoughts on “Writer in Residence Extra – Last Man Standing and Rats to You by Paul Andruss

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  2. Oh, I love the image of a rat standing on a chair screaming as a human rushes past!
    And in answer to your question about whether or not we’d experiment on other human species I’d say yes, of course, we would. Children with Downs and learning difficulties were used as guinea pigs not so long ago in the UK – and who knows what might still be going on in secret.
    Thought provoking post, Paul.

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    • Thank you Mary and you are absolutely right. Your comment reminded me that in the 30’s some countries would forcibly sterilise ‘mental or physical defectives.’ Not my words theirs! I have strong opinions about people with emotional or psychological problems and those words are not in my vocabulary. Then of course all you need to do is look at the Nazi solution for people who they considered undesireable. All in all our inhumanity is quite shocking.

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    • You are right Pamela. I think it is a great shame that The super rich ofthis world who want to be remembered for conspicuous spending just don’t buy up large tracts of land in different continents and set them up as wild life sanctuaries and natural wildernesses rather than waste their money on gaudy displays of aimless wealth. Incidentally Solipsistic- what a brilliant word! That has got to be my word of the week… nay month!.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Solipsistic happens to be one of my favorite words – it feels good to sling it in the face of an ego-filled person who doesn’t know what that means. ;-0 By the way, Zuckerman bought a lot of property in Kauai and is treating it reverently, keeping it natural and as a sanctuary.

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  5. Another inspiring and thought provoking post, Paul. There are good people thought. Lots of people fight really hard for what they believe in and save both people and animals in the process. Social conscience is the privilege of those of us that have enough of the essentials. If you were starving in Africa, you wouldn’t worry about the gorillas. You need to have your primary needs met first. Just a thought.

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