Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New on the Shelves – Miss Chevrolet by Philippa Church

This is the debut novel of Philippa Church and is enjoying great reviews.

About the book

With tears in my eyes, I waved goodbye to the furniture and the last of my family as they disappeared with their memories stored within the furniture and precious possessions. I was to remain in the house until the new owners took possession. I had the folder, found in the attic; I excitedly unclipped and drew down the zip. The letters were wonderful, transporting me backwards in time to the 1920’s. I could relate to my grandmother, describing her beautiful clothes, her family and journey to Egypt where she was to marry my grandfather. Love letters, yes, but so much more, a life, a passion that moved through time and I was able to experience and relate to their endearing love…………

Two of the reviews for the book

The book was a lovely example of an quintessential English story.

Chevrolet entwined with General Motors gave a classic example of English Aristocrats in Alexandria Egypt, set parallel in a pretty village in Suffolk and returned the reader back in time.

The letters also created a romance from that era, a contemporary twist with the grandmother and granddaughter. Jolly cheerful easy read.

I loved this romantic story set in the 1920/30’s . A clever idea to base this wonderful tale on a bunch of old letters found in the loft at Miss Church’s childhood home in Harpenden in Hertfordshire. She cleverly switches between past and present , alternating the chapters between mystical Egypt and and Harpenden in rural Hertfordshire. A wonderful mix of travel , fashion and old cars. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and it even brought a tear to my eyes as I got to read the last few pages. An unforgettable read.

Read all the reviews and buy the book:

About Phillipa Church

I was born in Harpenden, and have been bought up with dogs and horses,
I went to Art School, gained a Textiles GCSE and an Art A Level.
I have had a good interest in fashion, and have worked for Fenwick
Department store in contemporary wear.

Coming back to a Suffolk village to sell a family home. I have been
inspired by garden flowers for designing cards and the energy
cycling back and forth, showing people a much loved home. I came
across a folder full of emotions and musty letters from the 1920s-
40’s. I sat down at the end of the sale and wrote and illustrated a story.

I then joined a writing class, made some friends and met a publisher.
Having asked an artist to paint a car and an attractive woman, I worked and
created the story to come up with the romantic story of vintage
cars, and fashion, cloches from the 1940’s.

Philippa has just joined Twitter so please head over and welcome her :

Thank you for stopping by.. Sally

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