A Message from Leslie Robinson,  Founder of Arunachala Animal Sanctuary…

Mira Prabhu has a wonderful post today about the animal rescue organisation in Arunachala in India. In 10 years they have not only created a safe haven for the stray dogs that populated the streets but have eradicated rabies in the area, prevented thousands of puppies being born and have treat owned dogs for hundreds. Please head over and share… they need a larger facility and funds to pay for their dedicated care staff and vet team…if you cannot donate then sharing is the next best thing. Thank you

mira prabhu

First, a true story for you:  Jansy was a six month old puppy when she was hit by a two wheeler. Poor baby took a hit in the head and was unconscious when brought to us. Dr. Raja didn’t think she was going to make it. She was in a coma for ten days, clinging to life, concussion, potential nerve damage, eyeball hanging out, skull fracture. In intensive care, we stroked her and whispered to her: “Sweet Jansy, hang on, you’re with very good people.” We played chants, gave her I.V.’s for nutrition, spinal injections for controlling brain inflammation, neurobion-vitamins to boost her nervous system, pain killers and Reiki.

Mirculously, a few days later, Jansy started moving her head a little, and then her body. Still later, she turned on her stomach. Then she sat up and started eating a little. She was comfortable with us and clearly felt safe…

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7 thoughts on “A Message from Leslie Robinson,  Founder of Arunachala Animal Sanctuary…

  1. Sally and Tina, you are both women after my heart,…and Debby Gies too, who also shared this post widely, One day perhaps you will all come to Tiru and see for yourself what a little love can do for these beauties. I support the Sanctuary myself and so do a lot of my friends. Much love and thanks, Mira


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