Cook from Scratch – The sandwich that packs a punch with link to 140 fillings

Sometimes we over complicate things especially when it comes to healthy eating. One of the healthiest lunches you can make, pack and eat on the go is a sandwich and later in the post there is a link to a wonderful food blog where Grace Hall has compiled a list of 140 fillings.  There is more than enough choise to find natural fresh ingredients that will give you a healthy boost in the middle of the day. Especially if you team with an apple or an orange.

There is a current trend to demonise carbohydrates, and as with any trend, the baby is thrown out with the bathwater. There is no doubt that when we are less than active, eating too many carbohydrates of the wrong kind, can lead to sugar overload and fat being laid down in the belly area.  But we do need a moderate amount of wholegrain carbohydrates, and despite alleged evidence to the contrary our bodies have been eating good grains for a very long time particular in their wild state.

Our current obesity problem is related to another trend thirty years ago, that enouraged us  all to give up fat and eat mainly carbohydrates. The body has an essential need for good fats and has had the indignity of being bombarded with fads and myths for far too long and this was one of the most harmful in our modern diet.

There is no doubt that the body finds modern refined grains such as white flour hard to digest, and to find any nutritional benefit, even when the industrial food merchants pop some synthetic vitamins into their concoctions. But wholegrains and root vegetables are packed with nutrients and are needed by our bodies in varying amounts.


Carbohydrates are a component of food that supplies us with energy in the form of calories to the body. Along with proteins and fats they provide the human body with the main elements required to be healthy. Carbohydrates are made up of sugars (simple carbohydrates), starches (complex carbohydrates) and fibre. If you take the fibre out of the formula through over processing you are just left with the sugars.. These are intense and result in blood glucose fluctuations. You may have experienced this for yourself after a heavy lunch with lots of white rice followed by a rich and sugary dessert. You become light headed and feel faint requiring a top up around 4pm in the afternoon!

If a child has a white flour, sugar and transfat diet from an early age not only are they likely to be obese but they are also at risk of developing diabetes.  More and more middle-aged adults also suffer from pre-diabetic conditions especially when their exercise levels drop off.

There is no doubt that our requirement for carbohydrates will change as we get older. When we are children and young adults our growing bodies require a supercharged fuel – carbohydrates are also needed in higher concentration during periods of high activity as you get older, but should be allied to that particular period of exercise. When men and women pass through the mid-life change the requirement certainly drops but levels again depend on how active your life style is. If you still run 5 miles three times a week or play a fast game of tennis, you can eat more carbohydrates than someone who enjoys video games.

If someone is a total couch potato drifting from bed to table, table to car, car to desk, desk to car, car to sofa – then putting a high octane fuel into the body will simply be converted to fat. However, stopping all carbohydrates is wrong – there are certain nutrients and fibre within wholegrain carbohydrates that the body needs so that the chemical balance is maintained. Eating them in moderation is the key.

As an example of how a good grain becomes a refined grain with added synthetic vitamins.

Any variety of wholegrain rice will contain more of the nutrients as it loses only the outer layer of the grain called the hull. During the process that turns brown rice to white rice it loses 67% of its vitamin B3 (niacin) 80% of B1, 90% of B6 – half of its manganese and phosphorus, 60% of its iron and all the dietary fibre and essential fatty acids. Do you realise that to make white rice acceptable as a food it has to be artificially enriched with B1 B3 and iron? It is amazing the difference that processing a food can have on its nutritional content.

The processing the wholegrain wheat and other cereals that we consume has the same effect on their nutritional value to the body.

You might as well be eating cardboard rather than white packaged bread, cakes, biscuits and savoury pies.

I shared the recipe for Irish Soda Bread last week and a number of you commented that you make your own bread.. that is great especially with wholegrain flour and no additives and with minimum sugar.

If I do buy bread, I buy the in house bakery wholegrain varieties that have a short shelf life and freeze them so that they stay fresh. The reason they go stale is that they are not filled with transfats and additives.

If you use two medium slices of wholegrain bread for your sandwiches with a light spread of real butter and not low-fat spread or margerine you have a great base for your lunch. To eat immediately to to take to school, work or for a day out.

To put things into perspective.. store bought sandwiches have been made from unknown ingredients, perhaps two days ago, with margerine or cheap mayonnaise and can have a calorie count of up to 600 calories with high saturated fat content.

By putting good quality salad vegetables in your sandwich you are not only making a more filling sandwich but you are adding to the nutritional content.

I am not going to reinvent the wheel on this one when I can simply share a link to this post by Grace Hall of Eats Amazing. 140 fillings that means that sandwiches are never boring. If you use all fresh ingredients and have a different sandwich every day you can still lose weight. Counteract having a mature cheddar cheese sandwich one day with salad with a hard boiled egg sandwich and salad the next day.

Most of the fattening elements are adding too much mayonnaise when a scrape of butter, seasoning and herbs are just as tasty.

This is one of the most versatile lunches you can have and I look forward to mine everyday, particularly now that I have Grace’s list to select my preferences from.

The Ultimate List of Sandwich Fillings by Grace Hall of Eats Amazing a UK food blog.

Do you ever get fed up of sandwiches? Think they’re boring? Well think again, because today I have over 140 sandwich filling ideas to share with you. You read that right, I’ve got 140+ different sandwich ideas right here in this post – sandwiches will never be dull again!

Follow this link for an amazing A – Z link to 140 fillings for sandwiches :

As always if you have any questions about your dietary needs or my posts you can contact me on .. thanks for stopping by.


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