Answers – where did the children go and which cake – a rhyming verse tale

For those of you who wondered which cake Robbie Cheadle would choose to make for her husband’s birthday after her poem yesterday.. here is the answer.. in rhyme.

Robbie's inspiration

Some of you  have wondered where the children that featured in my haiku vanished too ( and also which cake I will be making for my hubby’s birthday ( I have decided to answer both questions in this little rhyming verse tale.

Where indeed?

The children had disappeared,

Where on earth could they be?

Their parents entered the cave,

Afraid of what they would see.

They stepped through a crack,

Leading into another world.

They were astonished at the sight,

That before their eyes unfurled.

A world where you could eat everything,

The grass, the flowers and the trees.

Even the houses were biscuits and cake,

The sight your tummy did please.


They were enthusiastically greeted,

By Sir Chocolate, a little chocolate man.

And the sight of their happy children,

That towards them gleefully ran.


The people of Chocolate Land,

Where having a fantastic time.

Building a delicious pavlova tower,


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