Smorgasbord Re-Blog – So, Did Those Feet? – By Paul Andruss

Last Friday Paul Andruss wrote his usual Friday post for the blog which was the story behind the legend, William Blake. Here is a follow up article on Paul’s blog.

With apologies to Terry Gilliam of Monty Python, Glastonbury Tor & of course God (Andruss)

This is a companion piece to the William Blake post written exclusively for Smorgasbord- Variety is the Spice of Life.

It explores the legend behind the lines in Blake’s poem Jerusalem…

And did those feet in ancient time

Walk upon England’s mountains green?

And was the holy Lamb of God,

On England’s pleasant pastures seen?

In the Middle-Ages it was widely believed Jesus came to England with his uncle Joseph of Arimathea (who took his body from the cross).

Cornwall had been trading in tin for 2,000 years before Christ. In the story, Joseph was a wealthy merchant who came to buy tin. Jesus accompanied him on trips to Cornwall, Somerset and Wiltshire during the years not mentioned in the Gospels; those between Jesus visiting to the Temple aged 11 and beginning his ministry around the age of 30.

There are places named after Jesus in Cornwall, like Jesus Well. Jesus is also mentioned in local songs and stories, such as he taught miners how to smelt tin from ore. According to one tradition Jesus lived in the Mendip village of Priddy. In another, he built a wooden church where Glastonbury Abbey now stands. The same tradition has it Joseph of Arimathea and his followers fled to this church after the crucifixion.

Other tales claim Jesus’ mother, the Virgin Mary, was the daughter of a British chieftain. This is a variation of the legend told about Constantine the Great’s mother. (He was the 1st Christian Emperor.) Arthurian legend has it Arthur was related to Joseph and thus to the Virgin Mary and Jesus, as Joseph was Mary’s uncle.

More recent stories claim a link between the Essenes, an ascetic Jewish sect from the Dead Sea, and the British Druids. They add Jesus came to Britain to study under them. This view seems based on Julius Caesar’s book the Gallic War where he says Britain was the centre of the druid religion and French druids came here to complete their education.

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