Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Author Update – Marcia Meara and Shehanne Moore

Welcome to the first of the cafe updates of the week and the first author to showcase is Marcia Meara with the third book in her Riverbend series, That Darkest Place.

About the book

In Book 3 of her popular Riverbend series, Marcia Meara, author of Wake-Robin Ridge, A Boy Named Rabbit,and Harbinger, takes another look at the lives of the Painter brothers—Jackson, Forrest, and Hunter. While Hunter is home again and on the mend, the same isn’t true for his oldest brother. Jackson’s battle has just begun.

“There are dark places in every heart, in every head. Some you turn away from. Some you light a candle within. But there is one place so black, it consumes all light. It will pull you in and swallow you whole. You don’t leave your brother stranded in that darkest place.”
~Hunter Painter~

The new year is a chance for new beginnings—usually hopeful, positive ones. But when Jackson Painter plows his car into a tree shortly after midnight on January 1, his new beginnings are tragic. His brothers, Forrest and Hunter, take up a grim bedside vigil at the hospital, waiting for Jackson to regain consciousness and anxious over how he’ll take the news that he’s lost a leg and his fiancée is dead. After all, the accident was all his fault.

As the shocking truth emerges, one thing becomes obvious—Jackson will need unconditional love and support from both of his brothers if he is to survive.

Just as he begins the long road to recovery, danger, in the form of a sinister, unsigned note, plunges him back into bleak despair. Scrawled in blood red letters, the accusation—and the threat—is clear. “MURDERER!”

Will the long, harrowing ordeal that lies ahead draw the Painter brothers closer together, or drive them apart forever?

Suspenseful and often heartbreaking, this small-town tale is a testimonial to the redemptive power of love and paints a story filled with humor, romance, and fierce family loyalty.

An early review

That Darkest Place, a mystery that looks at a family dealing with a variety of real-life problems – with angst, humor and love.on May 14, 2017

Having been one of Marcia’s beta writers on her last novel, I was unavailable for this one, but I so looked forward to her next Riverbend novel that, as soon as she posted her completed novel – I immediately ordered it, sat down and completed it in three evenings of reading. The characters’ lives picked up from where her last novel ended, and I was immediately drawn into the waiting game played by so many as they await the outcome of and recovery of a family member from a serious medical trauma. Add to that the tight relationship between brothers who, in spite of totally different personalities and perspectives on life, none-the-less stick together and support one another as they deal with their own unique troubles.

Hunter, Forrest and Jackson Painter, like all of us, struggle with getting it right in dealing with life, friends, and loved ones. Throw in a vindictive mystery letter writer and you have another great Riverbend story. I thoroughly enjoyed her book and look forward to her upcoming novella, as well as her next full novel. Way to go Marcia – you give us other old timers (Marcia and I are the same age!) a boost in confidence and incentive to follow our dreams no matter what.

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Also by Marcia Meara

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Our next author update is for Shehanne Moore who has a brand new release, Splendor (London Jewel Thieves Book 2) which hit the shelves on the 18th of May.

About the book

The only thing he hates more than losing at chess is marriage…

For Splendor, former servant to London’s premiere jewel thieves, pretending to be someone else is all in a day’s work. So when she learns of a chess tournament—a men’s chess tournament—with a ten thousand pound prize, pretending to be a man is the obvious move. The money will be enough to set her fiancé up in his own business so they can finally marry, and more importantly, it’ll pay off her bills and keep her out of debtor’s prison. But she doesn’t plan on her opponent, the rakish Kendall Winterborne, Earl Stillmore, being a sore loser—and a drunken one, at that. But before she can collect her prize, she finds herself facing the most merciless man in London across a pair of dueling pistols at dawn. Chess may be Splendor’s game, but she’s never fired a pistol before. And dressed as a man with ill-fitting shoes on the slippery grass and borrowed glasses that make it hard to see, she’s certain she’s finally tipped her own king.

Bitter divorcee Kendall Winterborne, Earl Stillmore, is the ton’s most ruthless heartbreaker. And he’s got three pet peeves: kitchen maids, marriage…and losing. So when he realizes the “man” opposite him has entered the chess tournament under false pretenses, he’s in the perfect position to extort the little chit. But that’s before the exasperating woman begins to slip beneath his skin, and soon all he can think about is slipping beneath her skirts. But the confounded woman is engaged to someone else, and worse—she’s nothing but a former kitchen maid, just like the one that lured his father into the marriage that ruined the family name. And his ex-wife taught him more than he cared to know about why marriage was the worst kind of checkmate of all…

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Also by Shehanne Moore.

One of the latest reviews for The Writer and The Rake

Give me an historical romance with pale, delicate heroines and alpha heroes flexing their six packs and I’ll hand it back to you. Unread. But give me a historical time travel romance by Shehanne Moore and I’ll grab it with both hands, dive in there and have a whale of a time. I certainly did with The Writer and the Rake, as I have with all the author’s previous books. 100% entertainment, with the ‘bad girl’ unwitting time traveller, Brittany Carter and the Georgian rake – Mitchell Killgower – sparring off each other… when he’s not stealing her cigarettes.

Add Francis Dashwood and his notorious Hellfire Club, a son Mitchell cannot stand, plus a distinctly dodgy ex-husband, and this novel takes the reader on an often hilarious journey with a heroine your mother would not want you to be friends with but with whom you’d be guaranteed a rollercoaster time. This is the second in series but reads as a standalone. Loved it and looking forward to her next book.

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Thanks for popping in today and please help spread the news of these two new books by fantastic authors. Thanks Sally


49 thoughts on “Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Author Update – Marcia Meara and Shehanne Moore

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  2. Thank you for sharing the news about That Darkest Place, Sally! You are such a generous supporter of writers everywhere! I’m really excited about this book, and am so glad to have it “out there.”

    And I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Shehanne Moore’s books, as well. More for the TBR pile, for sure! I love the sound of these!

    Thanks again, because . . . you definitely deserve more than one! Have a great day, you lovely lady! 🙂 ❤

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    • You know what I think is so nice too Marcia is that Sally has a few different authors on her round ups and it is such a good way of getting to know even more authors, about them and their books. I love mysteries and yours look suitably dark edged which does it for me, so it is a pleasure to meet you and increase my TBR pile. Why not!!!

      Liked by 3 people

      • I agree 100% on getting to learn about new authors, or new releases from favorites, too. It’s a real treat to read these bookstore posts of Sally’s. 🙂 And I love the sound of your romances, as well. So, another new (to me) author to look forward to reading. 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

      • Marcia, thank you so much for that. Now also, right now I am in the middle of a few things to say the least, BUT, I am getting my next list of guests up for my blog, obviously these posts will be interlaced with posts I need to get out for this book BUT if you would like to come by and be interviewed or do a guest post, it would be my pleasure. AND to read your books. My email is

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  3. Reblogged this on The Write Stuff and commented:
    There’s no better way to start the day than to find someone sharing your latest book, and Sally Cronin is doing just that today. Check out her post on both That Darkest Place and on author Shehanne Moore. Sally ROCKS! And please share her post while you are there, so others can find both Shehanne’s books, and mine. Ahh. Life is good! 🙂

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  4. Two great authors here sally. I am currently reading Shehanne Moore’s The writer and the Rake and cor blimey it’s hot stuff. Highly recommended I can tell you!

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  6. I read one of Marcia’s books and loved it! I will check out Shehanne’s too. They look like some great reads. Congrats, Marcia and Shahanne! Thanks for sharing these authors’ books, Sally! Hugs xo

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