On Beltane Eve…

Sue Vincent with Beltane’s Eve in full colour. What strikes me about this celebration is the number of people sharing and embracing it. This is worship that we would have all joined in with in ancient times and despite all the efforts to regiment, regulate and diminish.. it still survives today. Perhaps because it offers us a more nourishing way to appreciate the creation of our world.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

There is probably nowhere else in the country where you can walk through a residential estate on a Saturday morning, in full ceremonial robes and with magical symbols painted on your forehead, without anyone batting an eye. It could only be Glastonbury. After centuries of being at the heart of the land’s tales of myth, legend and magic, they are used to stranger sights than that.

For once, it wasn’t me but our hostess who strode forth in flowing robes of crimson and purple. Alienora was taking part in a play as part of the celebrations… not that she and her theatrical friends were the only one in robes and costumes…. the town was awash with colour and excitement. Mine as much as any, for we were to meet our American friends and, as we see them only once a year at best, I felt like a child at…

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9 thoughts on “On Beltane Eve…

  1. The number of faiths, beliefs and paths that come together to share these moments in Glastonbury is truly heartwarming. They are a celebration of life, where the essence of the symbols matter less than the symbols themselves. xx

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  2. I was a member of a coven in the 1980s, and the thing I miss the most is the spirit of community with its strong bonds. The ceremonies were incredibly powerful and, in my experience, equal to those of Native Americans and Siddha Yoga. Experiencing first hand many different spiritual paths has been a blessing and one for which I’m very grateful. Lovely reblog, Sally ♥

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