Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New on the Shelves – The Brede Chronicles Book One by P.I. Barrington

Today the new author in the bookstore is P.I. Barrington with a feature on her current book which is a Science Fiction/Adventure Romance. The Brede Chronicles – Book One.

About the book

Half-human Alekzander Brede is a law unto himself…or so he thinks. Elektra Tate, the street orphan who loves him has other ideas. When she betrays him for no apparent reason, he vows to punish her one way or another. Taking the one thing she treasures most—their son—begins a cat and mouse relationship spanning two planets and costing possibly his life. Elektra will stop at nothing to save her son but can she overcome Brede’s twisted idea of vengeance?

Two of the reviews for the book

I became a fan of Barrington’s after reading Isadora DayStar…I didn’t expect her to be able to top that…and then Barrington wrote The Brede Chronicles – a science fiction bodice ripper set in a dystopian future complete with aliens.

This story is packed with action and drama, and most of it is unpredictable, much like the characters. Barrington has created a complex world without relying too heavily on technological details. In other words, it’s entertaining and descriptive without being overwhelming -something that both hardcore and casual science fiction fans can enjoy.

There is one particular “secretion” scene which is weirdly erotic…Barrington’s characters are true xenophiles, and she has given new meaning to the word “sugar”.

I would love to read a crossover novel with both DayStar and Brede together.

In the meantime, I’m predicting that The Brede Chronicles will be the best sci-fi novel of 2014!

This dystopian read shows great imagination, colour and depth. I can recommend it to anyone who would like an out-of-the-way setting and wants to mix people from other planets in among Earth people.

We meet Elektra Tate in New Cairo, in a city where poverty and density of population are even greater than today; it’s hard to imagine how enough food gets to the populace. Earth’s economy we are told has imploded, though we don’t know why. Probably the Earth people we meet don’t know and the off-worlders don’t care. I loved the imagery of three-mile-high skyscrapers following the introduction of a new metal called Minidium; this is an Everest base camp height and of course most of the people in the building are not living at this height but at lower levels. Meanwhile the wealthy have taken over pyramids, or pyramid shaped buildings. Contrasts abound.

Elektra is a petty thief, blonde hair making her unusual, and she’s like everyone’s idea of an annoying little sister at the start. She follows one off-worlder around, Alekzander Brede, hoping to be useful to him and gain his support. These tall, strong off-worlders can interbreed with people if they so choose, and Brede is a genetic mix though he doesn’t like admitting to it. Brede is too busy dodging numerous assassins and making design improvements to his spacecraft to be friendly to Elektra, but he gets used to having her around.

I don’t want to go into even as much of the plot as is in the blurb, because it gives away the story, but mainly we see Elektra grow up through a few stages of struggle and learning, pain and loss. She finds out what it is to love and to fear for someone’s life besides her own. By the end she is really someone to admire and a thorough survivor.

The reasons I am not giving The Brede Chronicles more stars, despite the action, human dramas and well-realised varied settings, are twofold. First, the named, speaking characters are very few for a book this length, with only two women, utter contrasts. We could see the book as a script for a play. Second, the formatting and proofreading in my copy are less than ideal, which distracted me a lot and kept drawing me out of the immersion in the adventure and back onto the printed page. This is not beyond resolving and I hope it can be remedied for other readers.

In conclusion I would look forward to the next instalment, especially as we are left at a moment of high drama (or curtain fall in a Jacobean tragedy).

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About P.I. Barrington

After a detour through the entertainment industry, P.I. Barrington has returned to her original career choice as a novelist. The Brede Chronicles, Book One is a dark sci-fi adventure/romance. Future Imperfect a ‘near-future’ crime thriller trilogy set in Las Vegas was her first publication.

She loves music, beaches, rain, nature, animals, and writing novels.

Connect to P.I. Barrington on her blog and social media.


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