Smorgasbord Time for Some Laffs – Marriage, Smith and Wesson and Granny and the Christmas Cake

Tina Frisco has kindly contributed today’s laffs and they are up to her usual standard.. More about Tina and her books a little later.. I do recommend you check them out.

Any Questions?

Ain’t nothin’ finer than the protection offered by Smith & Wesson!

When my friend goes to her ATM or anywhere else alone, she always takes along her Smith & Wesson. She has never had a problem with muggers, rapists, wise guys, street punks ~ or attorneys!

Smith is on the left!

I am assured that no chickens were harmed in this post and that in time honoured tradition with photographs of chicks in the news there was a considerable amount of photo shopping.

Thanks to Tina for sending these across ….she is a star.

To finish off I thought I would share a story from April and June from Devon who are avid cooks.. They are a fabulous pair and here they share the story of Granny who came for Christmas.


About Tina Frisco

Tina Frisco is an author, singer-songwriter, RN, activist, and student of shamanism. Born in Pennsylvania USA, she attended nursing school in New York and lives in California. She began writing as a young child and received her first guitar at age 14, which launched her passion for music and songwriting. She has performed publicly in many different venues. Her publishing history includes book reviews; essays; articles in the field of medicine; her début novel, PLATEAU; her children’s book, GABBY AND THE QUADS; and her latest novel, VAMPYRIE. She enjoys writing, reading, music, dancing, arts and crafts, exploring nature, and frequently getting lost in working crossword puzzles.

Find out more about Tina Frisco, her books and read the reviews:

Here is how you can connect to Tina on her website and social media.

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Thank you to Tina for her wonderful laffs and to you for dropping in and please feel free to share the smiles. Sally

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34 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Time for Some Laffs – Marriage, Smith and Wesson and Granny and the Christmas Cake

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  2. That video is priceless. I knew the ending to the story would be a hoot, but oh, the imagery! I loved listening to her. Reminded me of Anne Murray’s song, Another Pot O´Tea. Thank you for the promo, Sally. Hugs ❤

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  3. The video was marvelous – but the single/married/divorced photos made me laugh aloud (especially when comparing the glitter kitty to that poor naked rooster)!

    Another good one – thanks to both of you for brightening my day (they shut off the water for “general maintainance [sic]” this afternoon ::groan::)

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