Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Wednesday 7th June 2017 – D.G. Kaye, Annette Rochelle Aben with Hugh Roberts, Rave Reviews Book Club and Cathy Ryan

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

The first blog had me laughing as I have lived in so many countries with their various sizing systems for women’s clothes that I am totally confused.  Debby Gies shares her thoughts on the issue and I am sure she would love you to weigh in on the matter.. no pun intended. I do know that I am a size smaller in the US… but I am unlikely to make it into single digits.  But in shoes in the US I am two sizes bigger…Anyway over to DG…

How many women are confused about what size we actually are when trying to buy clothes? I know I sure am.

How many women are confused about what size we actually are when trying to buy clothes?
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If I go back in decades to the years when I worked in the fashion and clothing industry, I can remember when clothing was made mostly of natural fabrics as well as some in polyester. Spandex was mostly reserved for articles such as leotards and dancewear. Regular sizing began at size 2 (although often not an option) and size 0 was unheard of. Seriously, what is size 0? It denotes to me a non-existent body. If someone is a size zero wouldn’t that make them invisible?

Read the rest of the post and add your dimensions:

Annette Rochelle Aben of The Magic Happens is a wonderful broadcaster who showcases her fellow authors on Tell Me a Story. Her guest today is Hugh Roberts, storyteller and author of Glimpses.

Let’s call him, the man from Wales and welcome author, blogger and all around cool dude, Hugh Roberts to Tell Me a Story today!

Hugh fills his blog with so much helpful information, and entertaining stories, that you would do yourself well to check it out and FOLLOW him. Hugh has also published a cool collection of his short stories in his book, Glimpses ….and he’s got the coolest Corgi, named Toby…

Head over to the post and follow the links to meet Hugh:

Now for a spotlight on the Rave Reviews Book Club and the Rave Reviews by Nonnie Jules website…if you have not crossed paths with it before. Certainly if you are looking for honest reviews for books this is a place to find your next read. Here are the basic details and I suggest you head across and find out more by checking out their FAQs.


Hi, and welcome to “Rave Reviews by Nonnie Jules” and “RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB!”

Rave Reviews by Nonnie Jules is a site designed specifically for the purpose of introducing the world to some really good reads. After having read so many books that had been given high marks, yet weren’t deserving of those marks, Nonnie wanted to offer a forum where readers could come and trust that the reviews of the books posted were truly HONEST. If you would like to have your book(s) reviewed by her, please submit your request by clicking here.

RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB is a virtual book club made up of authors and readers. The reviews of the Book Club members are not necessarily the same as the reviews of the author, Nonnie Jules, and vice versa. We encourage each of you to JOIN, especially if you are an author, as we expect (although we cannot guarantee) that the books we select, will be profiled and hopefully propelled to new heights via the support of the club. The more members of the club, the more successful and stronger our collective voices will be. For more info on the club, please visit our FAQ page.

Head over and find out more and check out the authors from our community who participate:

To end today’s selection something for all the murder mystery writers out there. Cathy Ryan posts on The Poison Garden… an enclosed part of Alnwick Castle that cannot be explored unaccompanied….

I was intrigued to visit The Poison Garden, a walled and gated part of Alnwick Castle gardens. The public are not allowed in unless on a guided tour, and are forbidden to touch or smell the plants, which surprisingly look like plants you could find in any cottage type garden.

All the ninety plus plants in the garden are deadly, some obvious ones such as belladonna or deadly nightshade. The name belladonna originated when used by Venetian ladies, because of the plant’s ability to beautify by making the pupils dilate.

Read the rest of the post and enjoy the photographs:

Thanks for popping by and I hope you enjoy this small selection of blog posts I have enjoyed today.. The next Blogger Daily will be next Tuesday after my trip to the Blogger Bash.


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