Smorgasbord Health 2017 – Health in the News – Research into alternatives to Antibiotics.

Smorgasbord Health 2017

There has been a great deal of concern in recent years, that the indiscriminate usage of antibiotics has resulted in resistent strains of superbugs that will leave us undefended from disease in the future.

Apart from the global impact of this scenario, there is the effect on our health as individuals. Persistent use of antibiotics weakens our own defences and can result in a number of severe health issues. This includes leaving us wide open to resistent bacteria that can lead to death.

A new CDC study shows that children given antibiotics for routine upper respiratory infections are more susceptible to aggressive antibiotic-resistant strains of the bacteria commonly known as C. diff.

The study found that 71 percent children who suffered C. diff infections had been given courses of antibiotics for respiratory, ear, and nose illnesses 12 weeks before infection.

“When antibiotics are prescribed incorrectly, our children are needlessly put at risk for health problems including C. difficile infection and dangerous antibiotic-resistant infections,” Frieden said in a recent statement.

C. diff, a bacteria found in the human gut, can cause severe diarrhea and is responsible for 250,000 infections in hospitalized patients and 14,000 deaths every year among children and adults.

To read about the other dangerous effects on our health by over use of antibiotics:

A possible alternative to antibiotics

Date: May 23, 2017
Source: American Technion Society
Summary: A combination of metals and organic acids is an effective way to eradicate cholera, salmonella, pseudomonas, and other pathogenic bacteria, researchers report. The combination also works on bacteria that attack agricultural crops.

Antibiotics are an effective means of treating bacterial contamination. But extensive use of antibiotic substances in medicine and agriculture has resulted in increasingly antibiotic-resistant bacteria. In 2014, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned that humanity is approaching the post-antibiotic era — a world in which antibiotics will no longer be effective, and even minute contaminations will be life threatening.

Now, encouraging research that combines metals and organic acids as a viable alternative to antibiotics is being conducted at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. The findings by a team led by Assistant Professor Oded Lewinson in the Technion’s Rappaport Faculty of Medicine were recently published in Nature Scientific Reports.

Numerous alternatives to antibiotics are already being tested by researchers around the world. Two of these are the use of metals such as silver, zinc, and copper (which were used in ancient Egypt and Greece for treating infection and purifying water sources), and the use of organic acids such as food acid that is used as a preservative in the food industry.

Read the rest of this important article:

The other major preventative for contracting infections in the first place is by boosting and maintaining your own immune system with a health diet and exercise.  If you are eating foods that are included in this directory you will be making a very good start.

23 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Health 2017 – Health in the News – Research into alternatives to Antibiotics.

  1. Fascinating Sal. Many of us know the pitfalls to antibiotics: not effect for all strains, eats up the good bacteria with the bad, and yeast infections afterward. I’ve managed to dodge taking them for over a decade now. My weapon of choice is organic oregano oil grown in the Mediterranean. Kills both bacterial and viral. 🙂 ❤

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  2. What we all thought was going to be the “cure all” for everything is now known not to be the case. My mum always used to say we had to eat a peck of dirt before we die..meaning that go play and if you get dirty it will wash off…Too much emphasis on cleanliness now and not letting children play in the mud and stamp in muddy puddles and generally be children. They need to build up a robust immune system and that is only done by exposing yourself to the world ( so to speak) I haven’t taken antibiotics for years and always use ( if I have to) A natural remedy.Eat well and stay well..simplistic I know but a good sensible diet goes a long way towards good health. Another great article from you Sally ..Hugs xx….Rebogged 🙂

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    • Thanks Carol I agree about the dirt and also being in contact with plants like nettles.. an elderly woman who had worked with herbs for years said that getting stung by nettles as a child did wonders for the immune system. Being out in nature allows you to pick up the cures without even knowing it. Not something that happens today as much especially for city children. xxxx

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      • Yes Sally and it is such a shame because children are like flowers they need fresh air, sun and rain to thrive. Lol …I can’t count how many times I got stung by nettles as a child but I do have a good immune system ..cold and things never stay long in my body…. Thank goodness, maybe it was the nettle stings xxx

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  3. A post-antibiotic world? Just the thought is chilling. Important post, Sally – and I’m glad to read that they are looking into alternatives and that some of them seem to be working.

    My understanding was, in addition to docs giving in to demands for antibiotics for things they *know* don’t respond to them (like colds), failure of patients to take a complete course of prescribed anti-biotics is at least partly to blame for the appearance of resistant strains. If you don’t kill them all, the ones that survive become “stronger” in their resistance.

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve learned that otherwise intelligent people I actually know have “saved a few to take as preventatives without having to go back to the doctor.”

    Jumping over to “read more” now. Thanks for this.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

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    • Thanks Madelyn.. I caught my mother in that little scheme as she had frequent UTI’s in her late 80s onwards. I found a pill bottle with odd tablets in and it was just for that purpose. Trouble is the elderly particularly are overwhelmed with the information they are given at the doctors in their ten minute visit and they get blah blah blah take a pill three times a day blah blah blah etc. Then the pharmacist who is busy hands them the pills with small instructions written on the bottle and some more blah blah and then nobody checks up on them to make sure they have taken the full course.. Some of these pills such as BP medication are dangerous.. And one time the chemist delivered the wrong strength beta blockeres for my mother and she did not read the name of the bottle and was about to take them before I found out. So you are right.. handed out like smarties and all the pharmaceutical companies want is for you to keep coming back for more.. Cure….no rather keep you alive for 30 years on the pills. Must have had too much sleep I am in rant mode this morning!!! xxxx

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      • Sleep? I’m at the other end of my day and sleep remains elusive. I came back to respond to a few more comments and listen to some “sleep” music before I try again.

        I’m glad you caught your mother before she took those beta blockers. It’s not just a problem in the aging – many in the EFD crowd barely know the names of their medications when I ask them what they are taking. SCARY.


  4. When I worked in longterm care, we isolated residents with MRSA and C. diff infections. This was in the late 1990s, and already these pathogens were resistant to most ATBs. Vancomycin was the biggest gun we had at the time, and it came with some serious side effects. It infuriates me that doctors hand out ATBs like candy for so many infections that are usually viral in origin. Years back we would do a culture and sensitivity before giving an ATB, and we didn’t give them for colds and flu. Colloidal silver is a godsend. It’s antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal. An ounce a day can be taken as a preventative, and when an infection sets in, the dosage can be increased with efficacy and without harmful side effects. But big pharma can’t make money on it, so the push and propaganda continues. Doctors know better but have become complacent. And those who own stock in pharmaceutical companies have fallen prey to greed. I didn’t intend to write an article here, Sally, but you struck a nerve. Excellent post 💚

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    • Thanks for the additional information Tina.. I was given six doses of antibiotics when I was ten over a period of a year because I had repeated tonsilitis before they took them out. I put on three stone in two months and my intestinal flora was compromised for a very long time which led to numerous infections. It is not only the doctors as I have sat in on a day in a surgery and many people coming through the door demand antibiotics without even having a diagnosis. Most illnesses today are lifestyle and diet in origin and the best preventative of all is taking responsibility of your own body and make sure it gets what it needs to protect you and does not get industrialised rubbish for sustenance. I know that I am preaching to the choir….♥♥

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      • We can’t help ourselves, Sal. It’s a passion. People wouldn’t be inclined to demand ATBs if doctors weren’t so free with them in the first place. That’s why there aren’t antibiotic ads on TV; doctors do the work for the pharmaceutical companies. I’ve asked numerous patients over the years why they wanted ATBs, and their reply was always the same ~ my doctor always gives them to me for (whatever the ailment). So if doctors change their tune, patients become suspicious and fearful. What they don’t realize ~ and what doctors don’t always tell them ~ is that most URIs are viral and ATBs won’t help. Patients think they help because the ATBs are taken over the period of time in which the virus runs its course. This is malpractice and doctors should be held accountable ~ along with big pharma and agribusinesses. It’s inexcusable that you were given so many ATBs at such a young age. Fortunately, you became a nutritional therapist and got yourself back on track ♥♥

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  6. such an interesting (and worrying) post about the state of the nation’s health. You only have to look around you to see how far down most of have dropped. Something should be done, and soon…

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