Executive Functioning & Diseases of Aging

If you are maturing at a faster rate than you would like and worse still accepting as a fundamental result of aging.. then do read Madelyn Griffith-Haynie’s post. I have interviewed people in their 90s who are healthy, not on any medication and have all their marbles.. they have eaten well all their lives, still go out and engage in activity and meeting people, still have goals and dreams and look and feel twenty years younger. A great deal of this is in our own hands. Find out more about the work of Aubrey de Grey. It is not only for our own benefit that we need to take more responsibility for our health as we get older. The cost of taking care of us as we accumulate illnesses associated with old age is going to cripple the health services for the generations coming along behind us. We need to get a grip. #recommended

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A Humanitarian Problem
short-sighted at best – unconscionable at worst

© Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, ACT, MCC, SCAC
part of the Executive Functioning Series

This might be the most important post I have ever written
(out of 500+ information-dense articles).
It applies to every single one of us,
so I hope you will take the time to read it all.

A tragic implication of Boiling Frog Syndrome

As I began in an article as part of the Executive Functioning Series, two Mondays ago [How well do you REALLY function?], when things decline gradually we tend to accommodate the accumulation of difficulties until we are struggling to cope and practically desperate for help.

Found HERE

Before I continue with a Series of articles designed to describe and discuss EF struggles, what’s involved, and explain what you can do to mitigate the effects (before, during and after they develop)

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2 thoughts on “Executive Functioning & Diseases of Aging

  1. Thank you SO much for your help spreading the word, Sally. You are right when you say so much of how we age is up to us.

    The earlier we begin extreme self care the better, of course, but as long as we aren’t already experiencing the rapid decline of advanced aging, it’s never too late to begin taking excellent care of ourselves – which will pay health dividends as we grow ever older.

    Reading your Health and Nutrition Series is a GREAT place to begin – assuming, of course, we make the changes in our diets prompted by the info! It really is up to us to a significant degree.

    To repeat what I said in my response to the notification of your reblog:
    Hopefully, by the time most of us get there, science will have advanced to the place where many of the degenerative diseases of aging can be prevented or reversed. They can already do it in mice – but it will take FUNDING for human trials (and FDA approvals here in America – billions, btw to jump through current approvals procedures) – but there’s no shortage of eager volunteers who have already expressed interest in being study participants.

    So it is ALSO up to us to make sure our politicians know we want them to appropriate that funding!

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