Reaching the Boiling Point

Another post from Madelyn Griffith-Haynie on dealing with the issues of old age. There needs to be more research into age related disease as Madelyn stresses and we also have to take more responsibility for our health.. stop eating garbage and give the body what it needs to do what it needs to do.. People have an assumption that it does not matter what we do because there will be a health service there to pick up the pieces in the future.. not true…get fit now and keep fit. Excellent article and needs to be read.

ADD . . . and-so-much-more

We still have some time
but we have to act – NOW

© Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, ACT, MCC, SCAC
Reflections from the Executive Functioning Series

The content I am revisiting is an edited & condensed version of
probably the most important information I have ever shared
(in over 500 information-dense articles).
It applies to every single person living.
I hope those of you who missed it on Monday will
take the time to read it all this weekend – and tell your friends.

ABOUT Boiling Frog Syndrome

In a recently posted article from the Executive Functioning Series [How well do you REALLY function?], I explored the tendency to accommodate an accumulation of difficulties until we are struggling to cope and practically desperate — whenever things decline gradually.

Found HERE


The water temperature is perilously close to reaching the boiling point where global health…

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3 thoughts on “Reaching the Boiling Point

  1. Another HUGE thank you for reblogging this important info. We ALL need to become aware of what will quickly become a global health crises, practically on the level of a pandemic, if we don’t begin NOW to turn things around.

    The animal research is almost there, but they need FUNDING to move to human trials (and volunteers are lining up already, praying for the chance to experience the telomere lengthening, etc. that rodent research seems to promise.) Our politicians will never appropriate funding unless we band together to insist upon it.

    Meanwhile, we need to drastically change how we think about food, health, and self-care, with an eye toward protection and prevention – and I know you’ve been banging that drum for years now.

    Have you already done anything on telomeres, btw? Would you like to collaborate on an article or two, if not?

    NOW – changing the subject totally, I’ve been meaning to say this for a bit, but keep getting distracted before I do. I LOVE your “new” photo. Great haircut. You look mah-velous!

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    • Thank you Madelyn…glad you like the wine induced pose! I am not good about formal photos… I am like ancient people and think the camera is stealing my soul! I have mentioned telamares before in a couple of posts. But will of course reblog anything you write on the subject. Perhaps a collaboration towards the end of the year on a topic as I am just heading into another period of scheduled posts and head down on another book. xxxxx


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