Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New Book on the Shelves – The Genie Hunt by M.C. Tuggle

A welcome to M.C. Tuggle to the bookstore with his latest book The Genie Hunt (Spook Hunters Book 1) published on May 8th 2017.

About the book

Buddy Vuncannon, an attorney in High Point, North Carolina, and his friend Coot Pickard are heading out of town for a fishing weekend when they’re surrounded by a SWAT team. Three eyewitnesses have identified Coot as the gun man in the latest of a string of robberies. To defend Coot, Buddy must stand up to a bullying district attorney, uncover the identity of the real robbers, and battle a powerful genie who serves the robbers. Buddy’s investigation implicates an old friend, reigniting long-forgotten friction between Buddy and Coot. Old and new loyalties clash, leading Buddy and Coot to a desperate chase that forces them to seek the help of a madman they both fear.

Early reviews for the book

The supernatural strikes small town America in The Genie Hunt, Mike Tuggle’s entertaining, cozy mystery/fantasy thriller. Attorney Buddy Vuncannon must not only persuade a judge that his friend did not rob the local pawn shop, but must face a determined, sinister force to uncover the truth.

Tuggle redefines a popular fairytale character in his tale of the paranormal, of powerful dark alliances, and of deadly deception, set in a small town in North Carolina. Those bedtime stories we were told as children may just have a frightening, more threatening side. The Genie Hunt will keep you guessing about how a good lawyer can overcome evil to set an innocent man free.

A little bit of Grisham, a touch of Hitchcock, and some light-hearted shenanigans, make Tuggle’s The Genie Hunt a great lazy afternoon or summer beach read.

This genie won’t grant three wishes, but maybe a life behind bars.

Having read and enjoyed a couple of the Buddy and Coot stories, I was looking forward to this book. And as I had noted in another review of this couple (and particularly being from the south), the characters and dialogue are so on target. I feel I’ve known these very guys in another life. Tuggle always throws in a bit a magic and at first I wasn’t sure I liked the genie touch, but midway through, I was thoroughly into it. Definitely full of surprises and somewhere between light-hearted and suspenseful. Another fun read!!!

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About M.C. Tuggle

M.C. Tuggle is a native North Carolinian whose ancestors arrived in the South in 1647. He majored in history and English, and completed his M.A. in English at Wake Forest University on a Wake Forest fellowship.

M.C. Tuggle’s fantasy, science fiction, and literary stories have been featured in Kzine, Bewildering Stories, Mystic Signals, Fabula Argentea, and Fiction 365. Novel Fox published his novella Aztec Midnight in December, 2014.

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Thank you for popping today and it would be great if you could pass on the word about Mike’s new book.. thanks Sally

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  3. Missed this earlier, Sally, and *just* discovered Tuggle from his article on literacy – brain benefits, etc., through a reblog by Bette. T’s article shares the statistic that 1 in 4 of AMERICAN children grow up without learning to read. Jumped here from there.

    He’s linked it to several other sites with some horrifying statistics as well – and I’m sure it’s even worse in many other countries. Learning to read changes the brain in ways needed for many other thinking skills! No WONDER our world is in such a mess!
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”


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