Last (and Best) Parent Newsletter of the Year

Jennie Fitzkee is coming to the close of another school year and shares with us the last newsletter to parents of the year.. About Chapter Reading … I do recommend you head over and read. Very important message… even listening to someone else reading a story increases a childs vocabulary and also stimulates their imagination.. great list of books to read with your children at any time of day..

A Teacher's Reflections

My final newsletter to parents.  I tell them in a nutshell everything that mattered; the best thirty minutes of the day that made children’s minds come alive and made their hearts beat.  And every day, every thirty minutes, it happened.  Here is what I said:

Chapter Reading

June 14, 2017

Chapter reading is one of our treasured moments of the day.  We bring to life the imagination, the world, and the past.  The anticipation of ‘what happens next’ stirs excitement every day.  Children listen and think.  They ask questions.  Ask your child, “At chapter reading where do you make the pictures?”  You will hear your child say, “In your head.”

When we finish a good book and then start a new one, emotions run high and low.  The end of a good book is so satisfying and pleasant, yet…it is over.  That…

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