Smorgasbord Writer in Residence – The Gospel Truth by Paul Andruss

Portrait of Christ from the Book of Kells(Paleographically dated to 600-800 AD)Now this is trickier than getting your keys out of a bag of rattlesnakes.And before you get on the blower to the Pope in Rome demanding the first fatwa in Catholic history, this ain’t about who He was or even if He was. I’m only examining the evidence. Even if I wanted, I couldn’t change your mind; not by one scintilla, jot or iota. What you believe is down to you.The New Testament consists of:4 Gospels – considered, by the faithful, eye witness accounts of Jesus’ life. And Acts of the Apostles, a companion volume to Luke’s Gospel, recording the history of the early church after the crucifixion of 30 AD. It is believed they were written 65-120 AD. But not by the people whose names they bear. Because it has a different viewpoint, John was thought written much later, until a fragment of it, uncovered in Egypt, forced scholars to rethink John’s date to around 100 AD.

Source: Smorgasbord Writer in Residence – The Gospel Truth by Paul Andruss

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