Orange sponge cake and chocolate cheesecake

Two recipes that require testing.. volunteers please… Robbie Cheadle had a few hours to spare…. #recommended

Robbie's inspiration

We had no visitors this weekend. With everyone having been really sick this past week I decided that everyone needed to rest and take it easy. I am also determined that no new lurgies get introduced into my house until Michael is 100% better. So this weeks confectionary experiment was only for us and I decided to make a lovely golden orange sponge cake that I hadn’t made for a long time.


Orange sponge cake

The cake came out perfectly, fluffy and light and I decorated it using sifted icing sugar and a cake stencil that my Sister-in-law gave me for my birthday.


125 grams melted butter;

300 ml sugar;

4 eggs, separated;

5 ml orange zest;

375 ml self raising flour;

125 ml cornflour;

2 ml salt;

125 ml freshly squeezed orange juice.


Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Prepare a spring bottom tin and line it with wax…

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