Smorgasbord Health 2017 -Who is sharing your bed? – Don’t let the bed bugs bite…….

I must admit to being paranoid about sleeping in beds other than my own. Before everybody becomes hot under the collar I do mean this in in terms of hygiene…..Unfortunately, many of us are sharing our bed with more than the partner of our choice and these invisible bedfellows are very much more difficult to get rid of…Bed bugs have been part of our human life cycle for hundreds of years if not thousands. They love warm blood and will infest areas close to that source of nourishment including in seams and cracks in the mattress, in furniture and soft furnishings close to a bed and in seams of duvets and bed-linen.I am paranoid about staying hotels when travelling and part of my luggage is my first defence…this video should not be watched before you eat… or before going to bed!!!

Source: Smorgasbord Health 2017 -Who is sharing your bed? – Don’t let the bed bugs bite…….

10 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Health 2017 -Who is sharing your bed? – Don’t let the bed bugs bite…….

  1. Thanks Sally. I had a mite infestation 5 years ago which took several months to eradicate. All my soft furnishings and most of my clothes had to go including my bed and settee cushions…
    It was a very traumatic experience. Like you I am very vigilant in my cleaning routines and there have been no more issues.

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  2. During all the years of travelling using AirBnB and housesitting, we have not come across bed bugs. I have got in the habit of airing the bed before making it, maybe that has stopped us experiencing the little creatures.


  3. We once had a bug infestation. Here the electric wires run through hollow plastic strips on the walls. We found some broken ones and had them replaced high on the wall. We also got rid of an aging upholstered sofa and loveseat. We bought a couch/bed with a metal base which bugs don’t like. That was the end of the infestation. It was also aided by daily bug spray for a while. —- Suzanne

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