Its my blog and I’ll swear if I like …

Kevin Morris with his opinion on the use of swear words.. I use some in my private life… quite a few when I am driving but try to avoid in my writing unless really in context.. I think it is also a generational thing and that the words for some young people have lost their shock value.. what is your opinion… please tell Kevin over on his post.. and read the comments too as they reflect the views of quite a few others.


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I recently read a post in which the author liberally employed the use of expletives/swear words. The article was on the subject of marketing and made a number of valid points. However the utilisation of foul language detracted from the points being made (to my mind at least) and had it not been for the employment of swear words I would have shared on Twitter.

I don’t consider myself to be a prude. There is a place in factual articles for the employment of expletives. For example a report of court proceedings will (quite properly) report that the defendant swore at a police officer and repeat the words used. I am frustrated when certain newspapers refuse to print expletives in full. Adult readers know what foul language is and are perfectly able to cope with reading it when it is necessary…

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2 thoughts on “Its my blog and I’ll swear if I like …

  1. Many thanks for sharing Sally. I know some older people who swear like troopers, while some young people of my acquaintence swear much more rarely. When some young people (especially children) use bad language, it is often to provoke a response in the listener, (either to “look big” among their mates or to generate a response from adults). I am certainly no plaster saint, however I do my best not to swear (other than in a literary context where it is vital as it’s part of the personality of the character). Kevin

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