Smorgasbord Short Story – Tales from the Garden – The Sanctuary by Sally Cronin

Yesterday, as I wandered amongst the stunted bushes on the side of the mountain searching for food, I felt the first stirrings in my swollen belly. I had not realised that it was so close and despite being my first, I instinctively knew that I needed to find a safe place to bring this new life into the world.In the distance I could see the herd of goats pulling at dry and thorny bushes that dotted the arid earth. I spent my nights mingling amongst them, taking advantage of their strong scent that masked my own. They also provided safety as they were protected by the massive guard dogs from the predators of the night. Even the wild boars who feared neither man nor beast kept their distance when they saw these deceptively gentle giants.More dangerous were the stray dogs that patrolled this rocky hillside in search of the unwary. But they too would scuttle away into the dark, with their tails between their legs and ears laid flat against their heads, at the warning growls that issued from deep within massive chests.

Source: Smorgasbord Short Story – Tales from the Garden – The Sanctuary by Sally Cronin

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