Smorgasbord Weekly Round Up – Barbra Streisand, Fairies and Gods and talented authors.

Welcome to the round up and some posts that you might have missed. Life drifts by here in our backwater and I am actually very happy with that. David and I were talking about our recent visit to London and whilst it was amazing being at the Bloggers Bash, I felt that London itself is a place that no longer holds any particularly interest for me.

We lived and worked there for nine years from 1987 to 1996. David was in the Docklands when Canary Wharf was still a hole in the ground and I joined the company in 1991 and was there for four years. We visited some of our old haunts but now it is still a huge construction site with cranes everywhere, great towering appartment and business complexs blocking the skyline and noise and pollution. The Docklands Light Railways is modern and efficient but the tubes were packed to the gills with unhappy looking people looking weighed down with the smell, noise and proximity of other people.

Perhaps it is an age thing as I felt the same way about New York last time I visited. Or at heart I am a country girl, born in a small village and very happy after wandering to return to my roots. There is some traffic noise outside our walls at peak times but other than that it is the birds requesting breakfast in the morning or the crows tramping around on the roof that wakes us. The clear coastal air might not be as warm as I would like but I noticed on our return the difference between the city air and fresh air.

Culturally the appeal is the West End and the entertainment scene but whilst it is great to see a show live from time to time it is very expensive and not something you can sustain week after week.

We enjoy ourselves but I have no desire to return to London. I guess I am now an official fuddy duddy… ah well…. I have other vices.

My thanks as always to my guest contributors – William Price King for his ongoing support and amazing music posts, Paul Andruss with his deconstruction of legends that makes the accessible to us all. This week delighted to welcome Horatio Grin with his essays on the origins of fairies and other folk not of our world… and more to come from this distinquished writer.

Also Julie Lawford who will be contributing health posts every few weeks throughout the summer…And to Robbie Cheadle who shared her two new characters from her forthcoming children’s book. Also to those who have written guest posts over the years who I will be updating and reposting with their new works.

Also just to let you know that Dan Alatorre has launched the July  Word Weaver Writing Competition and Moyhill Publishing (David Cronin) with some marketing from myself are sponsoring one of the main prizes with the design, formatting and publishing of an Ebook for the winner. Along with a few other extras included..

Full details can be found here:

On with the fun then….

William Price Kind Meets some Legends – Barbra Streisand part two.

The Black Bitch and other Tales by Geoff Cronin

Writer in Residence Paul Andruss with a companion piece to The Gospel Truth from last week.

Thomas the Rhymer

Essays by Horatio Grin

Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore.. The Updates

Air Your Reviews

Guests this week

M.C.V Egan

Publishing News

Smorgasbord Health 2017

Smorgasbord short story – The Sanctuary by Sally Cronin

Smorgasbord Poetry


Thank you very much for your continued support and for your feedback.. it is truly appreciated.  Sally




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