‘How to Trust Your Human’ by, Victoria Zigler (on behalf of Joshua the Degu)…

Victoria Zigler with an endearing tale of a rodent that I have not come across before A degu… she has just released a book telling Buddy’s story…head over to the Story Reading Ape and check it out.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

A little over four years ago, we decided to bring home a pair of degus.

Except, when we went to fetch them, we discovered it was a group of four, and they didn’t really want to separate them if they could avoid doing so. Of course, we did the only thing we could think to do: we brought home all four.

We quickly learned why they hadn’t wanted to separate them, since the boys were very attached to one another. Sure, they’d fight at least once a day, but when it was all over, you could guarantee you’d find them in a degu pile: fast asleep, and so close to one another they were literally lying on top of each other.

We also quickly learned that, despite being a sibling group, all four boys had totally different personalities. Jacob was our quiet and affectionate one, Jasper was our most…

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