The Wyrm and the Wyrd: Natural authority

Sue Vincent visits a place that I went to many times in the late 1970s when I was up the road working between Dolgellau and Barmouth. I had a day off a week and would cadge a lift up there with a promise to buy lunch. I would walk around for hours or sit by the water and relax.. if you get the chance to visit Portmeirion do so… it can be busy at times but if you pick your moment it is a rather bizarre but serene place to be.. thanks for the memory Sue and Steve

The Silent Eye

Portmeirion, the guide told us, was the brainchild of the architect and conservationist, Sir Clough Williams-Ellis. The project had been a long time in hatching… once the idea had been conceived, he waited twenty years in order the purchase the little bay where the village now stands. Building began in 1925 and  continued until 1972.  All that was well and good, but told us little beyond the bare facts.

It was when the guide moved on that things began to fall into place. Many of the building materials… even some of the buildings themselves… had been rescued and recycled from estates and locations around the country, to save them from demolition and destruction. The gilded Buddha had come from the film set of Inn of the Sixth Happiness. A cherub had been left on the doorstep… the facade of a portico was once a fireplace… That explained the bizarre…

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5 thoughts on “The Wyrm and the Wyrd: Natural authority

  1. Dear Sally and Sue- it is a place I have visited a few times too and it really has an otherworldly quality. I have really enjoyed all Sue’s posts from North Wales. Coming from Liverpool it was the place we always went on holiday as kids and it remains an area close to my heart. As you said sally brought back wonderful memories.

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