Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New on the Shelves – Hullabaloo on Main Street by Lela Markham

Time to welcome a new author to the Cafe and Bookstore.. Lela Markham and her latest release in May 2017 – Hullabaloo on Main Street.. of interest to Democrats and Republicans alike….

About the book

For a committed democrat, it sure does suck when you lose an election.

You know what I mean?

Nearly half the country refuses to listen to the other half. We think we know what the other side means, but we never venture outside our own bubbles to actually find out.

Libertarian Connor infiltrates both bubbles in a Midwestern town on Election Wednesday 2016 and brings readers along for a wry non-partisan tour of the “Bubble Battles.” He even offers a solution … not that any bubble dwellers will listen.

This novelette is a work of fiction based upon real-life events. Any resemblance to yourself or people you know is purely coincidental.

Lela Markham never disappoints! In today’s political environment Hullabaloo is witty, insightful and highly entertaining! I read both this book and another by Lela simultaneously. I always greatly look forward to her releases!

This story offered me one of the few balanced views on the 2016 US Presidential Elections and the only one that made me laugh out loud. A must read whichever side you’re on, and even if you haven’t picked a side, like Connor, the protagonist of this story, because the only way forward is to give up prejudice and talk to one another.

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About Lela Markham

Lela Markham is the pen name of an Alaskan novelist who was raised in a home built of books. Alaska is a grand adventure like none other with a culture that embraces summer adventure and winter artistic pursuits.Lela has been a journalist, worked in the mental health field, and currently works for the State of Alaska, but her avocation has always been storyteller.

Her first published book The Willow Branch begins an exploration of the world of Daermad where a fractured kingdom leaves two races vulnerable to destruction by a third and opens the opportunity to mend old wounds. Lela drew inspiration from Celtic mythology, Alaskan raven legends and the Bible to craft a tale of war, faith and reconciliation. And, don’t forget … Celtic goddesses, sentient animals and dragons.

Book 2, Mirklin Wood, was released March 2016. Expect to see Fount of Dreams released in 2017.Her second book, Life As We Knew It, starts a second series – Transformation Project, about a small Midwestern town coping in the aftermath of a national terrorist attack. It was published March of 2015. Look for Book 2, Objects in View, in fall 2016.

When not writing stories, Lela reads political philosophy, economics, history, mysteries, fantasies, science fiction and the backs of cereal boxes and enjoys speculative tales on TV. For variety, she quilts, tackles home improvement projects, hikes the Alaskan wilderness well-armed against the wildlife, and holds blackbelts in cold weather living and mosquito annihilation. Oh, and aurora viewing … it’s all about the aurora watching.Lela shares her life with her adventuresome husband, two fearless offspring and a sentient husky who keeps a yellow Lab for a pet.

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