Smorgasbord Reblog – Where do you go to (now) my lovely by Paul Andruss

Thomas the Rhymer Paul Andruss

Last week Paul Andruss posted a companion piece to Kevin Morris’s article on swearing in public which includes blogging..  Here is an extract and if you would like to know origins of the words you might sometimes let slip… head over and read the whole post.

Thanks to Kevin Morris of New Author Online for excellent his post ‘It’s my blog and I’ll swear if I like’.

And Chris The Story Reading Ape for reblogging Kevin.

Together they got me off my sorry slothful behind to put virtual pen to virtual paper. Something I’ve been meaning to do since watching Big Brother UK a week or so ago.

Watching Big Brother, now there’s a ‘Crossing the Rubicon’ moment. The phrase signifying a point of irrevocable change: from which there’s no way back.

In the show, two women (one about 40, the other 20ish) were arguing. The 40 year old was merrily effing away until the the younger woman dropped a ‘C’ bomb. Then she was outraged by her effin disgustin language. It was like the C word was not a different order of magnitude, but an entirely different beast.

Ten years ago the F word was never heard on television, or at least it was bleeped if it accidentally slipped out. Now it’s the new omnibus word used to preface every emotion. Worse, I’m noticing the C word creeping onto TV too. It hangs around a bit embarrassed, like a fart at a funeral, but it makes me wonder…

As words only have the power we give them, perhaps it’s a good thing we’re reclaiming our Anglo Saxon roots. But what happens when C is as commonplace as F and we no profanities left? Then (to bastardise Peter Sarstedt’s song. And no, that’s not swearing. It’s legit. Look it up.) ‘Where will you go to (now) my lovelies?’

Read the rest of this fascinating post:

To read all of Paul’s original posts on Smorgasbord here is his directory:

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10 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Reblog – Where do you go to (now) my lovely by Paul Andruss

  1. I read both of these amazing articles, Sally. So glad people have written about this. I don’t enjoy the way bad language has crept into our society as an almost accepted way of speaking – especially amongst our children.

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    • I agree Robbie… and it does not teach children to articulate their emotions and it is shock value as they see adults and other children react. They mimic us and also the language some children are allowed to hear on television.. I notice that although it is after 9pm.. there are still shows where bad language is part of it and not all kids go to bed at the time they should. xxx

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