Smorgasbord Book Promotion – Twitter – Tagging and Pinned Tweet to spread the word.

I am almost at 10,000 posts since I began blogging four years ago and at least half of those are book promotions. It is one of the reasons that I began blogging four years ago as I wanted a platform to promote my own work as well.

When I look at those posts in retrospect, is quite clear that the ones that did well as far as comments, reblogs and sharing was concerned, were ones where the author featured participated fully in the effort.

This means reblogging (better a couple of days later to keep the ball rolling) shared across their own Facebook, Twitter and other social media, and very importantly responded to comments over a period of days. This engagement with people who took the time to comment is critical in building relationships that support going forward.

Apart from sharing on Facebook and Twitter, these particular authors also responded to those who shared their post on Twitter. I tag the featured authors when I respond to shares on that platform, and this not only shows the author who has shared their post, but also enables them to respond and follow if they do not already do so.

The same applies to Facebook provided the author has an account, and is another way to find other writers and importantly readers for their books.

There are a great many ‘how to ‘ market your books out there but it is actually quite simple if a little time consuming. It is done by communicating which involves responding and engaging with others.

I understand that people are very busy and time is short, but how you communicate about your current or previous books, will have a direct impact on the sales of your future books.

I have said this before and I will say it again.. People buy People First.

They will judge you by how you are perceived online and if you can find the time to respond to comments, or thank people for sharing, they will remember you and respond positively next time.

If you want an example of an author and blogger who does all of the above very well then check out D.G. Kaye of Debby responds to all comments and communicates far better than I do on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.

On that point I do have to say that in recent months I have spent less time on certain platforms. Google+ has become user unfriendly in its new format and my focus for book promotions is across Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.. although I do post promotions on Google + during the week.

This brings me to Twitter pinned tweet which I have mentioned a number of times before.

If you are an author I am sure that you already have your profile photo, genres that you write and a link to your Amazon account and blog in your profile.. however 160 characters is not a great number to do you justice.  But you can use the Pinned Tweet to add more.

This can be used as an extension of your profile and gives you an additional 140 characters to promote either your latest book or a post that is key to your blog. Currently my pinned tweet is a link to the post I wrote about increasing reviews for our books.

Your pinned tweet is a fixed piece that anyone going into your profile is going to see and stays there as long as you are promoting that post or book.. You can also put a composite of all your books there with a universal link to your Amazon Account.

How to set up a pinned tweet.

If you have not used your Pinned Tweet facility before, it is very straightforward.  Compile your tweet offline first to make sure you use your 140 characters to their best advantage. Play around with it so that you insert & for and.. abbreviate if it makes sense and make room for an image and a link to buy or visit. Then transfer to your update box and when satisfied click TWEET.  Go to your Tweets folder and you will see this most recent tweet.

On the right hand side facing you is an down arrow. If you click this you will be offered options, one of which is to pin this tweet to your and it will tell you that it will replace any other pinned tweet, click okay and then it will offer you the chance to view.. click and you will see your new pinned tweet which will remain in prime position until you decide to change it.


There will be those who say that building a following on a blog or social media does not sell books.. I am sorry but I do not agree.

With the millions of titles that are available, often within a particular genre, it is essential that you create a name for yourself. I am afraid that readers do not just stumble into our Amazon accounts by accident especially if you are a new author. They visit because they have seen you in action on social media or your blog.

This was just a couple of ways that you can make a name for yourself and your books. It may not happen overnight but you will be surprised what you can accomplish in six months to a year.

If you are not already in the Cafe and Bookstore you can find details and also look at the over 200 authors on the shelves at this link.

Thank you for popping in.  Sally


84 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Book Promotion – Twitter – Tagging and Pinned Tweet to spread the word.

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  2. Reblogged this on BowmanAuthor and Writer/Editor and commented:
    Thank you, Sally, for great information. I wanted to share this great author’s words of wisdom, hard work, and dedication. I know the key to promotion is consistency, but I don’t always practice what I preach. Thank you, Sally Cronin, for reminding us all what’s important in the writing industry.

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      • I promote the books I edit and ghost-write more than my own. I just run out of hours in the day. I just launched a memoir I was the ghostwriter for. Getting back into public speaking after a long absence. I can sing in front of anyone and everyone, but speaking was definitely not a natural talent for me, but when I’m passionate about someone else, something magical happens.

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      • Yes, it is interesting. That is why I would never ethically write a fictional “story” for someone else. Fiction is a God-given talent and my words are my own–good, bad, or indifferent. I’m overly generous with my poetry, giving it to people, but it’s so easy and quick for me to do. I have published one poetry/motivational book … Quill and Ink, but very little interest in this day and age. I’m pleased that I donated my poem on SLE Lupus to It started out as funny because the writer lady “me” was allergic to her purple cast, but suddenly turned serious because I could laugh at my itches and lack of typing because there would me more words to write and correct on another day, but lupus sisters might not have another my smile, another laugh for many would never see the sun rise again. Now it is me who lies in bed with a stress fracture … but this too shall pass; my faith will flourish again and God will chose to bring me home or let me write more poems and books. In fact, I can’t work now … I have 98 pages of a family saga I began years ago. Time to research, rewrite, finish… “The Locket” is my working titled, circa late 1770s to the 21st century. How different groups of ethnicities (all Caucasian, for a change) treated each other in our supposedly “free” country. Told by all the woman who were never allowed to marry the man they loved and fathered their first and sometimes only child. We have been horrible to each other in our little colonies across the pond. Yes, I think that will get me nicely through 6-10 weeks of bed rest. Surgery? Not doing it this time. My little fracture can just heal itself … pass me the Silk Almond milk, please, Sally.

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      • Thanks, Sally. I was pleased when I dug it out of an old box; didn’t realize so much was done. The style of writing has changed considerably since I originally wrote it to short sentences, short chapters, and a slew of new words, but historical fiction has its own vocabulary. I stay abreast of and adhere to the new styles for myself and my clients, but my descriptive word paintings still get their share of attention. Lol Oh! Love the name book! “Annie” really is me in your book as well as my own past-life character, but I love them all! I was about halfway through reading your book for a review when I got tied up with doctors and x-rays. Something to look forward to in the dark of night when I can’t sleep!

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  3. Good post, Sally, which has reminded me I haven’t updated my pinned tweet for months!
    I’ve more or less given up on Google+. I never fully understood how it worked and when they changed it I was completely lost. You are right about the importance of responding to comments. I’ve visited blogs where lots of people have left comments but there isn’t a single reply from the blogger. It seems odd to me to not want to build a relationship with people who visit and comment – but I suppose we’re all different in how we approach these things.

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      • I tried to pin a video recently, but it wouldn’t play. I previously had a video pinned to Twitter, but it came from Amazon Cloud. This book trailer came from my own PC. I’ll go back to Animoto where I made it (43 seconds in length) and try to do it from the source. I also have a 1.5-minute book trailer for “Annie”, but I know it’s too long. I have two videos on my Clasid Consultants website, but they came from YouTube. More research is required for me, I see.

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  5. As always, to the point and sensible advice Sally….I try as much as possible to respond to comments I am better on some media’s than others…I need to catch up with Twitter.I am going to go back to setting my timer it always helps me to focus…Good post Hugs xx

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  6. A very informative post, Sally. I try to keep up with comments and tweets but it is hard when I am very busy at work. I try must best though. Thanks for all your wonderful support of Michael and my books, we appreciate it a lot.

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  7. Another excellent post, Sally. It’s essential to remember that the important part of social media is being SOCIAL. Talk to people, respond to them, ask questions, be engaging. It really works!

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  8. Ok, this was just such a succinct and fabulous post Sal. Not to mention, I was absolutely humbled that you mentioned my name in the context of sharing and commenting. You and I both know the importance of engagement. And yes, there are many sites to babysit, as you and I both know, we don’t always get to Google and Linkedin, which both have changed their protocol lately. With time we learn where our most engagement comes from and tend to gravitate more to those sites, like you and me, we’re quite active on Twitter and Facebook. Great mention about pinned tweets. What I like to do is keep an image up of all my books with a link to my author page but when I’m running a promo, I’ll change the pinned tweet to the promo and link until it’s done then I’ll put back my ‘go to’ pinned tweet. Why waste valuable advertising space?
    Thanks for this great post Sal, and I’m definitely going to be reblogging it to help get the word around. ❤ xoxo

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    • Thanks Debby.. you and I have discussed this offline several times and whilst time consuming it is actually a very easy thing to do. As I mentioned in an earlier comment I do think that it is as difficult online as it is offline for shy people to communicate but it is something that if you are an author you need to do. I have a couple of things on my mind on that front for over the summer..And you are a role model…. ♥♥

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      • Aw gee thanks Sal. But you are so right. In a sea of books we are a spec. If we don’t use our voices to count ourselves in we’ll surely drown with our books. ❤

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  10. Thanks, Sally. I think social media works better for some people than other but it is not a panacea and it is becoming less and less useful to sell books (or anything else for that matter). With the changes to all the platforms and their focus on promoting paid advertisements over other content, it is becoming very difficult to have an impact. Thanks, Sally, for the reminder of some of the useful things we can still do.


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  12. Thanks for the reminders, Sally. I think it’s so important that, as bloggers, we respond to all comments left on our blogs. I treat everyone as a guest when they visit my blog, and one of my first jobs of the day is to respond to comments. I’ve never understood people who say they are bloggers and that they don’t have time to respond to comments, especially given that we can turn off comments on any of our posts. I don’t thank people enough on Twitter, instead, I’ll retweet one of their tweets as a thank you. I’ve also cut down on the number of social media platforms I use in order to free up more time to write, read and comment. I learned that spreading ourselves too thinly can cause problems.

    Have a great weekend.

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  15. Excellent tips here, Sally. Like you, I agree that blogs and social media are key ways to connect with potential readers and grow your audience. It’s about personalizing the relationship. You’re right that the pinned Tweet provides a great opportunity. I’ve been using it lately for blog posts that I want to highlight. Love your inclusion of Debby here. Many hugs!

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  16. Hello Sally! Wonderful tips! We as writers do need reminding from time to time. I completely agree with what you wrote about Debby. That’s why I keep saying, when I grow up I want to be just like Debby. 😉 xx

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