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I am reposting some of my guest posts that I have contributed to other blogs in the last couple of years… and this one was posted by The Story Reading Ape in January 2016 and is as relevant today and I hope you will find some of the tips useful.. It also follows on from my post yesterday on using Twitter to promote your blogs and books.

By the way The Story Reading Ape is currently looking for guest writers for a monthly gig between September and the end of the year.. Four opportunities to plug your work.

I have updated my own information in this post since last year.

If it was not for our modesty we would be perfect!

This term is usually reserved for those people that we meet who are brazenly open about their achievements and have no problem as they say ‘In blowing their own trumpets’.

I have come into contact with a lot of writers, including when approaching for an interview on my radio shows. The reluctance I met on most occasions was baffling and yet once I managed to winkle these writers out of their modesty shells they thoroughly enjoyed themselves and loved the attention. It can be terrifying putting ourselves out there for the world to judge.. but if you have achieved something challenging then you are missing not only an opportunity, but a change to encourage and inspired others to do likewise.

Firstly let’s establish why we write. Apart from the odd person who wishes a cathartic experience by writing down their life’s experiences; most of us write to be read. Some authors have spent years researching, soul-searching, scribbling notes on plots and character before creating spreadsheets. Then the real job begins of putting it all down in print, editing, re-editing, proofreading, formatting, designing the cover and going through the rigmarole of either uploading to Amazon direct or going via a second party such as Nielsons. We should also admit at this point that the majority of us do not have a million pound budget or a personal assistant available to market said uploaded book.

Wouldn’t you agree that deserves some for of fanfare, public recognition and celebration.

This means that however shy or modest you are it needs to be tempered with pragmatism. Hands up all of you who do not get a real buzz when one of your books is sold? Not many I bet; unless you happen to be called Wilbur Smith or J.K. Rowling where you count books sold in the thousands.

I expect that you are thinking… We have heard this all before and next she will no doubt say… ‘Establish yourself on social media and spend all day spamming the airways’. Not at all! In fact I am going to suggest a few other ways that you might obtain some plugs for your books and also indulge in your favourite pastime which I assume is writing.

Your Email account.

I think it is fair to say that the majority of us have email accounts these days and send out a great many messages over the space of a week. How many of you have a signature that is automatically sent with your message? Here is mine that goes out on average of 150 times a week which is nearly 8000 times a year.

Sally Cronin
Latest book: What’s in a Name
Blog :
All books available in print and E-versions

You can choose to put as much or as little into your signature as long as you include the crucial links to find your books and your blog. Remember to update your information with your latest book. Don’t worry about the fact that it is going to your friends and family as they need a reminder at times that you are a published author and could use some help with marketing!

Guest posting and interviews.

You are a writer so the obvious way to promote your book or your blog is to write. Certainly one of the best ways to get your book noticed is by taking up invitations from other bloggers. This might be as a guest, for an interview or a post on a subject that is appropriate to the host blog. You have the perfect example of that opportunity here on The Story Reading Ape’s hugely supportive blog for writers. How fantastic to be in the Hall of Fame and take advantage of Chris’s large following of fellow writers, bloggers and importantly readers.




Like Chris I also offer opportunities for you to promote books  in Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore and you will find details in this link:

If you are invited to be interviewed in any medium then grab with both hands. Most bloggers will send you a list of questions that you answer and return. If it is for radio, the presenter should always do so as well. It can be a very exciting to be asked to do an audio interview and somewhat scary. Do not let me down by missing this great opportunity to blow your own trumpet.

Social Media

You knew I was going to bring this up at some point didn’t you? I do understand the downside to having a number of social media accounts to manage, along with a blog, writing your own books and keeping up with a full time job and the housework. But there is a way to take advantage of social media without having an account (although it can be very useful).

Make sure that all your share buttons are activated on your blog including the Reblog button.

This enables people, who do have social media accounts, to share your post and news about your books far and wide across their network. This includes LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit and Google+.

Let me give you a few numbers to encourage you to do this.

Reblogs will send out news of your post with an excerpt to the blog that is sharing. It has your link back to the original and if they are really kind they will put some words of encouragement in the repost. You will now be reaching their followers as well as your own which might amount to several thousand new readers of your blog and your books.

If a reader that shares on Twitter has 1000 followers, which is pretty standard your post has now the potential to reach many more. Their tweet is likely to be retweeted at least ten times to another potential 10,000 readers. That is called networking. You have had to do nothing except add that share button to your blog.

Here is an excellent tutorial on how to add your share buttons by Liz Dexter:

I hope that you will take advantage of every opportunity offered to you. Of course you do not want to be seen as a fame hungry, heat seeking publicity missile. But, how about adding share buttons, guest posting once a month and taking advantage of invitations to promote your work once in a while.

Have fun… I do.

More details with some of my latest reviews and where to buy my books can be found here:

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