Friday Roundup – 14th July

Stevie Turner with her Friday round up of posts she has visited this week delighted that she shared my interview with Dan Alatorre..

Stevie Turner

1.  Autocrit gives us tips on catching mistakes in a manuscript before submitting:

2.  Thanks to Ryan Biddulph on Mostly Blogging for these 10 tips on blogging and time management:

3.  Rachel Poli gives advice on how to write a book review that matters:

How To Write A Book Review That Matters

4.  Thanks to Nicholas C. Rossis for these 5 tips on tweeting:

5.  Writing Insight Success gives advice on using collective nouns:

6.  Jean M. Cogdell gives advice on how to make a podcast:

Do you want to learn the next big thing in writing?

7.  Anne R. Allen gives advice on hiring an editor:

8.  Thanks to Christina DesMarais on Chris, the Story Reading Ape’s blog for these 43 embarrassing grammar mistakes:

43 Embarrassing Grammar Mistakes Even Smart People Make…

9.  Jan R at Writing Your First Novel blog gives 10 tips for publishing on…

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