The Holler’s Posh Summer Residents~

Cindy Knoke is back from her European travels and shares with us some of the exotic summer visitors to the Holler.. along with some colourful orioles and a very cute Mowhawk Finch fledgling who is in a next right by the front door.. A delight as always #recommended

Just like all the best tony places, The Holler, while decidedly non-tony, has flashy summer residents, who live here only in the summer, and move on to their more expensively-agreeable tropical homes in the winter.

But, unlike some snobby humans who move from their summer to winter homes, irregardless of whether the locals actually want them in either place, these summer residents are welcomed and appreciated by all The Holler locals….. meaning my small family.
(Please note the use of the word irregardless. My husband is adamant irregardless is not a word, but I, obviously, am disregarding this.)

The flashy-folks arrival at The Holler creates celebration, fascination, lots of, “What is this bird?” types of conversations. San Diego county and its rural environs, have more bird species than any other place in the continental US.
Hooded Oriole

I say, “Did you see? I think the first oriole has arrived?”

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10 thoughts on “The Holler’s Posh Summer Residents~

    • Our community is very special Cindy and I was just thinking the other day when I noticed that someone I followed regularly had stopped blogging.. it left a hole. I have loved your photographs since I started blogging and I know from the feedback that you receive that you have touched a great many lives. ♥


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