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Welcome to another author who is joining the bookstore. Chuck Jackson shares his story of child abuse at the hands of his parents and also the damning statistics that identify that little has changed in the last fifty years. What Did I Do was published on July 4th and is a memoir that lifts the veil of secrecy about not just the American family but the Universal family.

About What Did I Do?

The veil of secrecy over the American family prevails and the covertness of child abuse continues. According to the National Children’s Alliance, approximately 700,000 (683,000 in 2015) children are abused each year. Child Protective Service (CPS) reports they investigate 3.4 million children and place them under the care of the CPS. These are frightening statistics attesting that child abuse is not in decline, but rather the opposite.

Child abuse or child maltreatment is physical, sexual, or psychological mistreatment or neglect of a child or children. Have you ever suspected or even witnessed child abuse in public or in a home? If you did and did nothing, you are condoning the act and its effect on the child. Child advocacy groups are begging for the public involvement. Yet, little is being done.

What Did I Do? is Chuck Jackson’s true recollection of the abuse he received from both his parents. It is a story where he spent years struggling to please them without succeeding. It is a story where they told him he was irredeemable and unworthy of being their son. When he saw love and happiness in other families, he wondered why not his.

Chuck came out of the darkness to expound on the stigma attached to child abuse. He admitted to the affects of shame, anger, guilt, and depression that he and so many experience. He tells the story of survival where he felt invisible. Follow him where he sought a warm touch and a kind word of praise. Follow his desperation for love from anyone. Follow Chuck’s story and help answer his question, what did I do?

Two of the early reviews

A wonderfully written true story of the cruelty, physically and emotionally, that a parent can inflict on a child. Everyone with children, or thinking of having children, should read and realize that everyone of your actions has consequences. Every child living in an abusive relationship should read, if for no other reason, then to know that are people that love you and are willing to help you once you allow yourself to break your vow of silence. A true story of survival and the strength of the human spirit at the hand of treachery. I highly recommend to one and all.

I had just finished watching the movie My Old Lady, starring Maggie Smith, Kirsten Scott Thomas and Kevin Kline. It is a poignant story about reconciling one’s childhood; a mixture of neglect and child abuse. The mail had delivered Chuck’s memoir that same day. The movie was emotional, so I was in the frame of mind to read What Did I Do? This is actually a story about a hero. As I read the content, all I could think about was how enduring a person is Chuck Jackson. He could have made his life the story of a victim. Instead, this is one of strength and character in spite of history. This manuscript is a testament to one’s ability to make the choices that provide the most positive outcomes, no matter the struggle. Thank you for sharing this powerful story.

Read the reviews and buy the memoir:

Also by Chuck Jackson

One of the reviews for One Month, 20 Days, and a Wake-Up

USAF Pararescue Jumper  on February 5, 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed Chuck Jackson’s new story, “One Month, 20 Days, and a Wake-up – One man’s story of what it meant to be a PJ”. The Navy has their Seals, Army, Green Beret’s, and the Air Force,, Pararescue Jumpers (PJ). One thing to note is that they are all the best of the best and good at what they do.

In this story, readers follow the protagonist and his best friend as they go through basic training and then into Special Forces training to become PJ’s. The training is extremely difficult and those who graduate have a special skill – one that was greatly in need in the Vietnam War.
The friend is first to leave the country and later followed by the protagonist. Once there, he finds that the two of them will be separated during their tours.

The author’s recounting of the training and many rescue operations shared in the book makes readers thankful that people exist who are not daunted by the task at hand. In most instances, the PJ leaves the helicopter alone to seek out the missing pilots or crews of the downed aircraft. One story in particular left me breathless, where the jumper and missing pilot are left on the ground after enemy fire causes their transportation to vacate the area. To avoid spoiling the story, I will leave it there.

Other missions tell the story of rescues where those on the ground did not survive and the mission became one of recovery instead. Initially, I thought this book was about the author writing about his own experiences. He did let me know that the story is a work of fiction and the accounts are those based on the recounting from a close friend. Either way, I’ve a great respect for these men and their special skills. As a result, I feel comfortable knowing that soldiers like those portrayed in this story are keeping me safe.

Highly recommended for those wanting to learn more about what these special people have to go through to earn the burgundy beret and flash…and then, marvel at what it takes to stand between us citizens and those who want to harm us. Great job Mr. Jackson!

John Podlaski, author
“Cherries – A Vietnam War Novel” and “When Can I Stop Running?”

Read all the reviews and buy both books:

About Chuck Jackson

Chuck Jackson is a retired accountant living in South East Florida. He graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a BBA in Accounting. He spent the last 25 years of his career working as the Budget Manager for a Special District in Palm Beach County. He was a member of Government Finance Officer’s Association (GFOA) and Florida’s GFOA.

He is a two-time cancer survivor and draws his strength from his faith and church activity. He is his church’s Treasurer and serves on it’s Vestry.

Since his retirement, Chuck has spent his years studying and enhancing his love for writing. In June 2016, he released his first e-book: One Month, 20 Days, and a Wake Up. In July 2017 he released his second book: What Did I Do? that is available as an e-book and paperback. He continues to work on his memoir manuscript, in anticipation of releasing a third book in 2018.

Chuck is an avid golfer and a member of a local golf club. He is married to Anthony, his partner of 33-plus years. He has a daughter and a new grandson.

Connect to Chuck Jackson

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28 thoughts on “Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New on the Shelves – #Memoir – What Did I Do? by Chuck Jackson

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  2. So nice to learn about Chuck and his book. As you know, a topic after my own heart. Nice to know, erm, or not, Chuck and I share this topic of emotionally abused children in common. ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hi Debbie,
      Thank you for your gracious comments. Yes, the ugly face of child abuse still lives. When you are out in public look into the eyes of children and you will quickly identify those children who are carrying the guilt and fear from abuse. Contrast it to the eyes of the children that live in a happy and loving home. Their eyes sparkle and dance. The former’s eyes will be dull and listless. It is right in front of our face, yet we continue to allow it to happen.

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      • Hi Chuck. I absolutely agree with you. I too have a great ‘nose’ for those who’ve been victims. I think as writers and as one of those who’ve lived under that rule we have an uncanny ability to see beneath the veil. I’m glad people like us can share our stories to keep awareness out there. 🙂

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      • HI Debbie,
        I had forgot that you had a memoir about your mother. I have just put it on my ‘to read’ list on Amazon. Once I read it, I would like to correspond with you on my reactions. I know you are busy, but my book is short (112) for the paperback; perhaps when you have nothing to do. 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

      • Thanks Chuck. I do have a few books ahead of yours that I’ve promised to read and some I need to read for my own writing purposes but I’ll get there, love to chat. And had to chuckle at your ‘when I have nothing to do’ that’s hilarious! 🙂

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