Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – New series and new contacts

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily
I have been working offline for the last three weeks and I have neglected my duties of host of the blog and remiss in not thanking new bloggers kind enough to add me to their contacts. Time to make amends with a regular update and also a return to the Blogger Daily with posts from around the community.

Hello there! I am Muskan Lamba. I am a 17 year old Indian. I like to write, make art and photograph. I am an optimistic individual who likes to hope for the best and plans to prepare for the worst. I am a dog lover, a mummy to 3 stray dogs who mean the world to me. They are also my favourite to talk to. I choose family over everything else, and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to make my parents happy.

The world is a strange place and we make it stranger, but I am absolutely perplexed by its wondrousness. I have a great fear of shallow living. Softness is my greatest strength. My ability to feel deeply is my most beloved possession. I am fascinated by nature.  I like to find beauty, poetry, art and music in the most shunned places. I think it exists everywhere.

Read the rest of Muskan’s about and read her posts:

Now Isobel Caves and her blog where she has several subjects that she posts about including the following.

  • Short stories. I love fantasy and all things magic, as well as ghost stories and sci fi. I publish literary pieces too. My mind is always cooking up new stories, and I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.
  • Poetry. Lots of haiku! I like to play around with different styles of short poetry. Sometimes a little magic creeps in too…
  • Photography. There is so much magic in the world around us. I love sharing this magic through my nature and wildlife photography

Read more about Isabel and enjoy her Haiku and other posts:

Sidekick by Katrina Cain

Please don’t hide
Your tears from me,
I’ve enough strength
To set us both free.
If you need to cry
I will always be here,
Listening to the words
That bring you fear.

Read the rest of the poem and links to her book:

About Ipuna Black

This is an inspirational blog for anyone seeking to live their best life. None of us are perfect or come from perfect backgrounds, but this doesn’t mean we can’t aim for a positive and fulfilling life. The life we all deserve. Oh, and I have a PhD in Nursing and write YA fiction.

Here is one of Ipuna’s recent posts.

Survival of the fittest

How much can you endure before you crack? Survival of the fittest goes back to the scientist, Charles Darwin. His theory of evolution by natural selection indicates that species which can adapt to their environment are more likely to survive over species which can’t. There are limited resources available in an environment, which promotes competition amongst organisms of the same or different species, creating a struggle to survive.

Read the rest of this interesting perspective on survival of the fittest and read the full bio for Ipuna Black:

“Love and Other Consolation Prizes” by Jamie Ford is an informative Historical Fiction novel, that I highly enjoyed. The time line is in the past  around 1909 and more in the present around fifty years later.
Can you believe that it is possible for a person to be raffled off as a prize? During the World’s Fair in Seattle in 1909, that is exactly what happened to Ernest, a half Chinese Orphan. In China and other countries where there was poverty, it was not unusual for parents to either sell or giveaway their children in hopes for a better life. Many of these children did not survive the trip. Others were “raffled” off as slave labor of one sort or another. Surviving was very difficult.
I appreciate the historical research that Jamie Ford has done in preparation for this novel. I also am impressed with the important issues that Jamie Ford discusses.
That’s it for today’s catch up and more tomorrow.. thanks for dropping in and if you have a recent post you would like me to share – send it over to or put in the comments section… Thanks Sally
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My name is Sally Cronin and I am doing what I love.. Writing. Books, short stories, Haiku and blog posts. My previous jobs are only relevant in as much as they have gifted me with a wonderful filing cabinet of memories and experiences which are very useful when putting pen to paper. I move between non-fiction health books and posts and fairy stories, romance and humour. I love variety which is why I called my blog Smorgasbord Invitation and you will find a wide range of subjects. You can find the whole story here. Find out more at

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