Smorgasbord Book Promotion – Air Your Reviews – Throwback Thursday – Carol Balawyder and Christine Campbell

A slightly different theme to the Thursday edition of Air Your Reviews as I shall be featuring earlier books of authors in the Cafe and Bookstore with one of their reviews. We tend to focus on the current books we have written but it does mean that others do not get the attention they still deserve.

My first author with a book that has not featured here before in its own right is one of the Getting to Mr. Right SeriesCafe Paradise by Carol Balawyder.

About the Cafe Paradise

Most of Suzy Paradise’s dreams died along with her son over twenty years ago.
One thing has re-ignited her passion for living – running her own café, which specializes in home-baked donuts. For Suzy, this is a long-cherished dream come true. Her business is starting to flounder when Donuts-A-Million, a giant chain, opens across the street from her. Her unexpected attraction to Coen Walsh, a regular customer at her café, creates more tension when she learns of his affiliation with her competitor.
Café Paradise is about Suzy’s fight to save her business in spite of the odds. Sometimes, she realizes, dreams have an expiration date and it takes just as much courage to let them go.
Along the way, she must re-define the meaning of work, family and romance so she can find her own formula for happiness.

One of the excellent reviews for the book

Do Not Read When Hungry  on December 10, 2015

Dreams are on the line in this women’s fiction novella by accomplished writer, Carol Balawyder.

Café owner, Susie Paradise realized her dream when she opened a bakery and coffee shop. But when a national donut chain opens across the street from her shop, business dives, which threatens to kill her dream and the livelihood of those on her payroll.

Month after month, her financial and business situation worsens, and she is forced to go to the bank to ask for additional capital. Denied, she has no choice but to shut down her dream. But before waving the white flag of surrender, a fairy godmother in the form of her best friend swoops in with 1) a business loan, 2) a new location in a lower rent district, 3) and loyal, appreciative customers. These actions are enough to save Susie’s dream.

One of the critical elements to saving the café was Susie’s willingness to be flexible; to see her dream in a different way. That’s one of the things I liked about this story—the dream was saved but only because the main character moved out of her own way. I know this is fiction but it’s a great life lesson for all.

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Also by Carol Balawyder

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My next author with a book that was released in 2015 is Christine Campbell and the first of her books in The Reluctant Detective Series : Searching for Summer

About Searching for Summer

Mirabelle’s daughter, Summer, disappears one Friday night, and Mirabelle would dearly love to rewind that day and live it differently. Instead, she is left not knowing if Summer is alive or dead, went of her own accord or was taken against her will.
Casting all other concerns aside – food, sleep, work, relationships – in her desperate need to find the answers, she takes to the streets of Edinburgh in search of Summer.
Searching along wynds snaking behind old buildings, through ancient doors and tiny spiral stairways, showing Summer’s photograph to everyone she meets in shops, museums and nightclubs, Mirabelle becomes a reluctant detective, gathering clues, trying to make sense of them in order to find her missing daughter.

One of the reviews for the book

Excellent Read  on September 15, 2015

This book has been labeled as Women’s Literature and Cozy Mystery. It encompasses the elements of both. The story is about a woman searching for her daughter, Summer. In the process of this journey, our protagonist, Mirabelle examines her own life. She lost her father at an early age and never recovered from that. Now she must cross-examine her single parenting skills to understand where she went wrong with her own child.

Mirabelle’s self-examination is painful, heart wrenching, and at time seems self-defeating. But our heroine has an inner core of strength and willingness to accept her own shortcomings. What makes this narrative so compelling is the man in her life. He is a policeman who is willing to go above and beyond his job demands to help find Summer, because of his love for Mirabelle.

There are many books where the woman is strong, tough, and proves she can survive on her own. That is simply not realistic. We humans do not live in a vacuum and survival is so much more than just existing from day to day. We all need help at stressful times in our lives; be they family, friends, or even a stranger. That is why this story is so refreshing, with its message of goodness and love offered by our fellow humans.

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Would you like to give one of your earlier books a bit of love?  Perhaps the first book in a series? Let me know

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