Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Friday July 21st – Damyanti Biswas, Nicholas Rossis, Mary Smith and Yoli

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

Welcome to today’s selection of post that I have read that you might find interesting and entertaining.. I would love to share all the posts that I have enjoyed today but you would be here until Christmas….. however, feel free to send me the link to your latest post to so that I can include.

The first post is by author Damyanti Biswas who is sharing some tips on how to make Blogspot posts more user friendly for readers who would like to share.

I used to blog via Google’s Blogspot, or Blogger, for about 8 years– it ran parallel to this one until last year, when I merged the two blogs into this site. In all those years, I made tons of friends on Blogspot.

I still visit as many of you as I can (never enough, but still), and sometimes I wish I could talk to all you friends on Blogspot, tell you my wish-list as a visitor, commenter, and friend.

Here’s a list of things I’d appreciate from my Blogspot friends in order to make it easier for us to stay in touch: (Some of you have them all covered– this is for those who may not have thought of these points)

  1. Make it easy to follow you: Blogspot doesn’t provide a good follow system any more— have you considered adding a Feedly widget? Here’s a post on how that will help your commenters and followers.
  2. Give us an option to comment via Name/ URL: A lot of Blogspot blogs do not allow a visitor to comment unless they’re logged into Google plus or Blogspot. By allowing the Name/URL option as well as OpenID, you vastly increase the number of bloggers who can easily comment on your posts. Check out how to do this, here. If you’re afraid of spam, you could enable comment moderation!

Read the rest of the sharing tips here:

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

The next post to catch my eye was from Nicholas Rossis who has been on a retreat to a Greek Island that has been left largely untouched by modern technology and heaven forbid… Google.. Worth reading for the photographs and the desciptions of pterodactyl seagulls and sandy beaches and also as a test for your own addiction to being online.

If you shuddered and went into a spasm when you heard there was no Internet seek help immediately!

You may have noticed I’ve been unusually silent in the past few days. The reason is that I took a much-needed break to a nearby island, Evia. However, it turned out I had accidentally stumbled upon the land that time forgot: no Internet anywhere—including our hotel and the one café in the area—and a very spotty cell connection that made receiving emails almost impossible.

Head over and view this idyllic getaway and take the test!

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

Mary Smith​ shares one of her early posts on caring for her father with Dementia.. following this blog is a must for anyone caring for a parent or as some do, both parents who are experiencing mental illness. You are not alone.. millions now are in the position of carer as their parents live longer lives.  Mary writes with humour and it is clear that she loves her father deeply. However, as dementia takes more of the mind it leaves huge gaps that result in frustrating and sometimes hurful behaviour.. Very tough to remember the man or woman who was when the person they are now do not know who you are.

Here is an extract from the post on My Dad’s a Goldfish

After some time the step-monster announced she thought it would be a good idea if the Goldfish went into the local residential home – “only one day a week so he can have lunch and a shower.” Wee-sis and I were horrified at this thin end of the wedge being shoved in. He’d hate residential care.

Since the dementia started he has become terribly confused – to the point of hallucinating – whenever he’s had to go into hospital, not knowing where he is and not understanding why he is there when we explain he is in hospital. We’ve had some of the most bizarre conversations when the Goldfish has been in hospital. Once, he was convinced the nurses’ station was a bakery and told Wee-sis to go and ask for a cake as they were just about to take one out of the oven. On another occasion he thought he had been taken to a hospital in the north of Scotland for blood tests and had been away overnight. “You’d think they would be able to do the tests here,” he complained, “instead of wasting all that time and petrol to go to Perth.”

Read the rest of this poignant and also informative post about care of someone with dementia:

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

My next post is from Yoly who is a mum to six children, three of whom are fostered. She clearly is very aware of road safety with so many to look after and in this post she recounts a story that illustrates her pet peeve.. dangerous driving.

Everyone has a pet peeve. What is your pet peeve? I’m going to share a funny story of how mine almost got me in trouble with the law.

It was time to take my kids to school. I had to park across the street to drop then off in front of the school. I had to walk with them since they were too young to cross alone. I crossed with them and came back to the car. As I’m in my car, I see this black SUV fly by me. I couldn’t believe how fast she was driving while seeing all these kids running to school because the bell had rung. I was burning inside, I couldn’t let it go.

I decided to follow her to give her a piece of my mind

Find out what happened and how the cops got involved:


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  1. Thanks so much, Sally.
    I’ve just commented on Nicholas’s book that I’d love a week with no internet in such a beautiful place. I’d never get my husband to agree to go where there’s no connection, though 😦

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