Free Promotion – Update

Mary Smith on Take Five Authors shares her impressive results from her five day free download for No More Mulberries.. Mary also outlines the strategies she employed to encourage her 5000 book download..please head over to read the whole post and leave your questions and comments for Mary. #recommended

Take Five Authors

No More Mulberries - web readyI thought I’d give an update on my No More Mulberries promotion when, for five days, I offered it FREE to download.

I know it seems counter-intuitive to give books away and some authors are opposed to the idea and for a long time so was I. I knew it was something many indie authors did but I really didn’t like the idea of all my hard work being simply given away.

The redoubtable Jackie Weger, founder of eNovel Authors at Work, of which I am a proud member, persuaded me. She took me gently by the hand, pointed her snake gun at me and said, “Do it!”  I did it.

I’m delighted with the result. Over the five days almost 5,000 people downloaded the book, mainly in USA and UK but also in Canada, Australia, India and Italy. Okay, so they didn’t pay me for it but money…

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8 thoughts on “Free Promotion – Update

  1. Thanks for reblogging, Sally. I think one of the best things about the promotion is that it increased No More Mulberries’ visibility for a while – no mean feat when there are millions of title on Amazon.

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  2. Sally, firstly a big thank you for all the selfless promotion you do for all of us. And secondly to Mary. I don’t feel it is counter intuitive to give your work away…. Money is nice but recognition, I think, is better. And as you said it paid dividends in spades. As it is the quality of your work that readers will remember…. I do! Kudos and congrats!!!!

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