The Black Bitch and other Tales – The Bermuda Triangle by Geoff Cronin

The Bermuda Triangle by Geoff Cronin

People think they know where the Bermuda Triangle is – They don’t!

I can tell you where it is – it’s a few miles off Wellington Bridge in the County Wexford. At least that’s the feeling I got the first time I drove round that area.

I was new to Co. Wexford at the time and I fondly imagined that when a signpost pointed in a certain direction that was the way to go, until a local told me that I couldn’t take that for granted because the chaps (young lads) turned them around for sport!

But to get back to the point of my story – I had made a call in the area, late in the afternoon in question, and was heading back to Wexford – or so I thought – and when I came to the same crossroads for the second time, I decided I needed help of some kind. The area I found myself in was I discovered later Carrig on Bannow, and I stopped the car and decided to wait on some passer-by to give me directions.

After about five minutes a man on a bicycle came towards me, head down, travelling on the wrong side of the road and I blew the horn at attract his attention. Well he saw the car, too late, and trying to stop he fell onto the bonnet of the car.

I need not have been concerned, however, for he picked himself up, laughing and saying, “wasn’t that a good one now, I never saw you till I fell over your car!”

I said I hoped he wasn’t hurt and he laughed again and said, “not at all sir.”

I said, “perhaps you could direct me how to get on to the Duncannon Line.” Referring to the main road to Wexford.

“Sure, of course I can,” he said, “amint I a native of the area?”

“OK,” I said, “which way do I go?”

“Wait now,” he said, “till I see which way is the best for you?” Then he adjusted his cap and half closed his eyes and went on thus :-

“Carry on this road and take the next turn left, go through the next cross and you’ll see two cottages the like of that one there – pass them by and take the road to the Post Office and you’ll know it ’cos ’tis painted yellow, but a quarter of a mile before you come to that take a right and then a left and go up the hill and you’ll meet the Duncannon Line. Now you could get petrol at the Post Office and the woman that runs that place is an O’Brien from Duncormick, she has black hair and her husband is a big fat fella and she has two fine looking daughters and her sister is a very clever woman and she’s over the vegetables in the mental hospital in Enniscorthy etc. etc.

Eventually I cut him short and thanked him as I started the car and prepared to move off in the general direction he had indicated. Just as I did however, he took a fit of laughing and tears ran down his face. “Wasn’t that a good one now sir,” he said, “I was turned the wrong way when I was giving you directions!”

My own internal compass came to the rescue in the finish and I found my way on the Duncannon Line and home, no thanks to my erstwhile friend!


One thing I discovered during my time in Wexford – the village of Taghmon is four miles from everywhere according to the signposts. Quite true in fact if you could drive across the fields!

* * *

Advice given to a Co. Wexford boy on the occasion of his first solo trip to New Ross by bicycle:All you have to do is follow the telegraph poles and you’ll get to New Ross, but remember they’ll be on the other side on the road when you’re coming back.”

©Geoff Cronin 2008

About Geoff Cronin – 1923 – 2017

There were few jobs that Geoff could not turn his hands to, and over the years he mastered an impressive number of professional undertakings. Master baker and confectioner, mobile cinema operator, salesman, band leader, senior executive and master wood turner, storyteller and writer.

Geoff Cronin published his first book in 2005 at age 82. The Colour of Life is a collection of stories of life in Waterford during his childhood and early adulthood in the 1920s, 30s and 40s. This was followed by two further books that related tales of further adventures in Waterford and Dublin.

Thank you for dropping in today and you can read The Colour of Life and the previous chapters of The Black Bitch in this directory:


34 thoughts on “The Black Bitch and other Tales – The Bermuda Triangle by Geoff Cronin

  1. I love stories like this. Of course in fiction Geoff would say after the lad admitted he was in the wrong direction, “My goodness man you aren’t so bright are you?” The lad would have replied, “That may be true Gov but I’m not the one who is lost now am I.”

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  2. I’ll bet there were never too many quiet moments around Geoff. He has more stories than the bible, lol. I like when he gets sidetracked and gets back to his point of the story, just like we’re sitting down with him having a beer and conversation, lol. 🙂 ❤

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    • They did Robbie and I also think in those days even in towns the extended family and interaction between neighbours meant that you knew when there were strangers around. And these days we are used to walking around our home towns hearing all sorts of accents but they made people stand out even more.. I understand the Polish who joined the army and particularly the Royal Air Force found that out… xx

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  6. This reminds me of the directions my friend Christelle and I got on our trip to Louisianna. They kept referring to building and places that were no longer there as landmarks. We usually got to where we were going, but we did some interesting detours too. Another fabulous one!

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  7. “Wasn’t that a good one now sir,” he said, “I was turned the wrong way when I was giving you directions!” Hilarious! Geoff always makes me laugh!

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