Smorgasbord Guest Post – The Power of Positive Affirmations by Julie Lawford

Julie Lawford continues the series of guest posts on health and weight loss through the summer with the benefits of positive affirmations. I found how useful this was at the start of my own weight loss journey. And it is interesting that Julie too was influenced by Anthony Robbins. David and I completed his Life Mastery series between 1996 and 1998.

In late 2001 a redundancy on top of a hideously damaging relationship caused me to stop and take stock of my life. Self-improvement guru Anthony Robbins was all over the place at the time and his book Awaken the Giant Within made a big impression on me. I invested hours in his audio programmes too – he’s a little OTT in places, but for me, it was a case of right concepts, right attitudes, right time.

As a direct result of the approach I learned and the self-improvement tools I took on-board, I took the plunge, stopped looking for another job and established myself as a freelancer – something I’d always thought I would enjoy (and still enjoy, 14 years later). I made a commitment to business networking (which has proved to be a wise and fruitful engagement over the years). For a while to supplement my income, I took up a direct/home-selling ‘business’ (Weekenders ladies clothing, now sadly demised), through which I learned how incredibly supportive my friends and family were prepared to be; I totally shook up my attitude to men and relationships too; I joined Weightwatchers – and I lost 50lbs. Anthony Robbins – I owe ya!

I also signed up to learn how to be A Coach. Yes, I was one of those 40-something, change-your-life coaches who were spewed out of pseudo ‘colleges’ set up overnight to ride the crest of an undeniably profitable (for the ‘colleges’) self-improvement wave. I bought the hype, I admit it – but on a personal level, it wasn’t a bad decision, just one which didn’t ultimately lead where I’d hoped it would.

Perhaps a little naively, I envisaged I would move away from marketing – a career I have some aptitude for, but in which I had arrived rather more by accident than design. When I stood up at business networking groups to try and interest people in coaching (just as the ‘colleges’ said you should), I would give my potted history, explaining I’d come from a background of sales/marketing and copywriting… I’d watch people’s eyes glaze over. Afterwards, every time, one or two would come up to me and quietly ask if I was still taking marketing work. After a while, I stopped trying to swim upstream and concentrated my energy back where it would deliver the most consistent results. I left coaching behind – although if I’m honest its techniques still feature, if a little surreptitiously, in the way I work with some of my marketing clients.

But some valuable principles of coaching and self-improvement stuck with me. And one of these is the general point of this post: Positive Affirmations.

“Adopting healthy diet and exercise habits is exciting and fulfilling”

Yes, Positive Affirmations is my Thought for Today, and I’m sorry I took so long getting to it. And I know some people think that affirmations are a bit kooky, a bit new-age (and that’s a really old phrase these days!), but I’m a believer. Affirmations are all about adjusting your thinking – seeing yourself as the person you want to be. Affirmations help to remind your subconscious at odd moments throughout the day, that you choose to see yourself differently, and it had better start backing you up!

“I enjoy walking in the fresh air”

Affirmations, for those who don’t know, are short, positive phrases and sentences that are about the person you seek to be, and the habits and attitudes you seek to live by. When you write them, you word them in the present tense, as if you’re already there. That’s the way they work. Then you post them in whatever place or places you pass through every day – maybe your bathroom mirror, your fridge, your desk, your car – places where they will catch your eye every now and again, but always, always be doing their work on you, whether you notice them or not.

“Preparing good and healthy food is a celebration”

I have four above my desk at present. I put them there when I embarked on my healthy lifestyle gig back in September. Yesterday as I read them, I realised how much they have altered my thinking and supported the changes I’m making. A few simple words, that’s all – and their power is immense.

“I enjoy the feeling of getting moving”

Affirmations can help you think more positively and become more resourceful; they can help change your attitude to so many things, not just diet and exercise. If you ever want to try them yourself, you can find out more about writing good affirmations all over the internet or on the self-improvement bookshelves.

As a wordsmith myself, I love affirmations and I celebrate the life-altering power that their few simple words can have.

©JulieLawford 2017

About Julie Lawford

Always engaged with the written word, Julie Lawford came to fiction late in the day. Following a career in technology marketing she has been freelance since 2002 and has written copy for just about every kind of business collateral you can imagine. By 2010, she was on the hunt for a new writing challenge and Singled Out – her debut psychological suspense novel – is the result.

Julie is based in London in the UK. Whilst penning her second novel, she still writes – and blogs – for marketing clients.

Singled Out by Julie Lawford

‘There’s something delicious about not being known, don’t you think?’

Brenda Bouverie has come on a singles holiday to Turkey to escape. Intent on indulgence, she’s looking for sun, sea and … distraction from a past she would give anything to change.

But on this singles holiday no one is quite who they seem. First impressions are unreliable and when the sun goes down, danger lies in wait. As someone targets the unwary group of strangers, one guest is alone in sensing the threat.

But who would get involved, when getting involved only ever leads to trouble?

Singled Out subverts the sunshine holiday romance, taking readers to a darker place where horrific exploits come to light, past mistakes must be accounted for and there are few happily-ever-afters.

A simmering psychological suspense laced with moral ambiguities, for fans of Louise Doughty, Sabine Durrant, Gillian Flynn, Elizabeth Haynes, S.J. Watson and Lucie Whitehouse.

The latest review for Singled Out.

Most definitely for those who enjoy a book with an uncomfortable edge, ‘Singled Out’ is one of the most striking novels I’ve encountered in a very long time. With its short chapters, punchy dialogue, intriguing characterisation and wonderful descriptive passages, it’d make a terrific vacation read. And it’ll haunt your reflections long after the final page has been turned.

It is also one of the bravest pieces of writing to have come my way in a long time. In a masterful opening scene, Lawford leaves her readers in no doubt about her ability to grasp material that many writers would avoid, and bring it to the page without reservation. Those who choose to stay the course won’t regret their decision, but should be aware that this narrative demands to be treated with the respect it deserves. Lawford’s pen doesn’t pull any punches. Her ability to write certain scenes from the male perspective is, quite simply, astonishing.

But who is the male in question? From the moment the opening scene strikes home, the reader is faced with a gripping quest to solve this burning question. It is here that Lawford’s talent really comes into its own. She weaves a complex tale with disarming ease and leads her readers from twist to turn with effortless skill, and at a gentle pace offering deceptive comfort to the unaware (until the next shock comes their way). This is writing as a craft.

Read all the reviews and buy the book:

Connect to Julie Lawford at her website and on social media.


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  2. Wonderful post and I’m glad I read it today. So I should revise this affirmation “Happy Hours with friends and bar food is a celebration!”? Also good to learn about you book! I will share this post on social media. have a great day!

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