Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Friday July 28th 2017 – Richard Ankers, D.G. Kaye, Madelyn Griffiths-Haynie and N.A. Granger.

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

Welcome to the last of the week’s blogger daily posts and a full house today. Starting us off is Richard Ankers who has created an Author Friend’s page on his blog. Anywhere authors gather is a great place to be and delighted to be included.

Dear all;

I have just published a new page on my site. This addition is dedicated to all my good pals in the book business. I have placed links to as many of you as I could think of off the top off my head. If you’re my pal, your books are clean, and you would like me to add you to the list, please comment below. Leave me your links and I will add you. Also, if you’re already on there and would like to be worded differently (I gave up halfway down) don’t hesitate to correct me.

Head over and click the link for the new page and also give your details to Richard so that you can join the club:

Another all encompassing project is one that is shared by D.G. Kaye today as part of the #WATWB group endeavour to make this world a better place. Kindness comes in many guises from opening a door for someone less able to do so to running organisations that bring food, aid or time to others. Worth heading over to Debby’s and resetting your kindness meter. It is very easy in this world we live in, working with computerised and unemotional platforms, to sometimes remember that a smile or a quick hello or even a thank you can make someone’s day and on occasion their lives better.  As you will see even a simple rock can pass on a message.

Kindness Rocks Project

Every last Friday of the month, #WATWB (We are the world Blogfest) community posts an article they’ve found inspiring in the news and share it with the tag #WATWB on social media. The purpose is to focus on kindness and inspirational events that happen around the world to overshadow some of the negativity that is going on in the world.

As I am a huge advocate for kindness and all things pertaining to, I came across this article on the Kindness Rocks Project which grabbed my attention. It’s no surprise that through the years I’ve collected such types of rocks throughout my travels and keep them around my home for inspirational reminders. But what about this fabulous idea Megan Murphy came up with to share the inspiration around the world by creating our own rocks with our own inspirational quotes and placing them randomly anywhere we go for someone to find and feel inspired? Read about this wonderful project below.

This project was created by Megan Murphy.

Read more about the project and how you could participate:

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

Do you have a moat around your castle or a drawbridge when you need some privacy and safety.. personally I have an electric gate which works well… they need an arrest warrant or an invitation to get in!  Madelyn Griffith- Haynie uses the castle and moat as an analogy for the boundaries that we set for ourselves to provide a safe space away from not just other people but situations.

Think of a Boundary like a moat around your castle. It’s actual purpose was to keep scoundrels, bandits and warlords out and the people inside the walls safe to go about their lives and pursue their interests in peace. That works!

During times of danger and conflict other friends and neighbors around the countryside could come inside the castle for protection. A drawbridge spanning the moat provided a way for the keeper of the castle to let people in or keep people out.
So it is with happy, successful lives.

It is important to find a way to establish and maintain a safe distance from needs of other people that are not in alignment with our own best Self-interest.

Some people are not particularly evolved at the time they interact with you. They tend to take advantage of the kindness of others — particularly the ones who don’t know how to raise the drawbridge to protect their own castles (like saying NO or leaving a situation before it starts causing trouble they repeatedly look to you to fix).

Head over and read the entire post and it will offer you some very important strategies for you to define your boundaries and how to communicate them to others. This applies at work, at home and at play.

I don’t like people just popping by, so my family and friends know to ring or text first. Everybody happy.

Head over and identify where your personal boudaries are being breached and how you can fix that and much more:


And to round things off here is a book review by Noelle Granger for The Last Meridian by Joe Hefferon

The Last Meridian begins with a great sentence: “The coroner’s wagon had a flat tire.” It was a good hook for this noir detective novel, the author’s first. Unfortunately, for me, it went downhill for a quarter of the book. However, I persevered and eventually became drawn into the story. In the end, it was an enjoyable read.

Hefferon has a good eye for the mid-60s in Los Angeles and Chicago. He sets the scenes in these two cities with just enough detail to let the reader feel the atmosphere and he writes with sparse prose but dialogue varying from snappy to rich, like an overstuffed éclair – reminiscent of Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, and even Elmore Leonard. I grew up on old detective movies, and this one just moved me twenty years from the 40’s.

Read the rest of Noelle’s review:

Thanks for dropping in and I hope you will enjoy this small selection of the posts I have enjoyed today.. The Blogger will be back on Monday.  Sally


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  3. You are so generous of spirit, Sally. Thank you so much for including my article in my developing Boundary Series with the amazing authors you included today. There are so many wonderful blogs and blogger, I don’t know how you ever decide which ones to feature. I SO appreciate winning the decision lottery today!

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  5. 2 stunning reviews of Sally’s books by the talented author Robbie. You’ll love hearing about her boy’s empathy with Sally’s all too human and much adored Sam! Infectious reviews for 2 infectious reads

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