Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Friday August 4th 2017 – Ian Hutson, Ritu Bhathal, Teri Polen and Lucinda E. Clarke

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

I have been a little pushed for time this week for one reason or another, including two trips to the dentist in the next town along. I am not sure that I could go into a profession where I was automatically feared, but I have to say that this new dentist was terrific. Completely rebuilt a tooth that had fractured and knowing the state of my teeth that is akin to building a pyramid.

I hope you have an amazing weekend..

Anyhow here is a brief selection of stories that I have read over the last couple of days…

I lived in Wales for three years and although working in a hotel and only having one day off a week, I still managed to hit all the highlights of that amazing part of Britain.

Ian Hutson takes us on a train journey on the Llangollen Steam Railway. This part of Wales is not known for its temperate climate .. more temperamental but it always looks stunning whatever the weather.

One of the rewards at the end of the Llangollen Canal, if rewards there need be, is the Llangollen Steam Railway. Trains that run on boiled water! Well, if truth be told they run on tracks, but it’s the over-excited H2uh-oh that moves them along. Tap water usually, not Perrier. Perrier gives the engine the burps.

Ten miles of delicious eccentricity runs from Llangollen town to Corwen, and it runs past several sheep, a bit of the River Dee and a spot of countryside. To web from the quotesite:

Llangollen Railway is the only standard gauge heritage railway in North Wales. We are located beside the historic Dee Bridge (built in 1345) in the centre of Llangollen town. The journey is a relaxing 10 miles travelling through the stunning Dee Valley to the lovely town of Corwen the cross roads of North Wales. …


Read the rest of the post and enjoy some of the photographs of the route:

Smorgasbord Blogger DailyNow time for Ritu Bhathal with a wonderful story about a saree… many of us noticed a stunning picture of Ritu heading out for an event in this beautiful blue saree and asked about the colour.. Here is the story.

Yes, that is me, all glammed up for an engagement party we attended.

Aside from all the lovely compliments I received, someone mentioned the colour of the saree, and how lovely it was.

I replied that the story of my saree could be a post of it’s own so here goes!

Way back, before the days of me planning to get married, my family went to Kenya to to attend a wedding. It was the wedding of my cousin, my mum’s niece. My dear maternal grandma was still around at that time, and she decided to open one of her trunks (a special occasion indeed! Nanima’s Sandookh(trunk) contained some beautiful treasures!) to gift her granddaughters.

I am not going to share this fabulous photo.. you need to head over to see it and read the rest of the story :

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

Teri Polen interviews Lucinda E. Clarke with an overview of her books as part of her Indie Author Friday series.

Today’s author, Lucinda E. Clarke, has lived a colorful life so far – and after reading this interview, I’m inclined to believe more adventures lie in her future. She shares with us a variety of award-winning books a special talent I can identify with – ‘I’m a very average cook and my claim to fame is I’ve not poisoned anyone yet.’ My family can confirm this.

What do you love most about the writing process?

Power! Now, this is going to sound awful, but I promise you I’m quite a nice person and would never do anyone any harm or hurt them in any way – but the same cannot be said about my writing. I just adore creating characters and then doing exactly what I want with them. I can put them in wheelchairs, give them a fatal disease, transport them unwillingly across the world and then, if they begin to annoy me I can kill them off after they watched the love of their life being tortured to death. As a writer I can do all those things I would never dare – or possibly want to do – quite safely, and know I’ve not broken the law.

Read the rest of the interview and discover the wonderful books of Lucinda E. Clarke:

I hope you will head over and read the entire posts of these talented writers.  thanks Sally


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