Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Monday August 7th 2017 – Sue Vincent, Geoff Le Pard, C.S. Boyack and D.G.Kaye

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

Welcome to the first of the Blogger Daily posts from the weekend and today. Sorry that I cannot include all those I ready otherwise we would all be here until Christmas.. Anyway, please enjoy these snippets and pop over to the original posts to leave your feedback. Thanks.

As we look at photographs that chart our journey through life, they also identify which of the current trends at the time we were following.. Being nearly six foot tall I was precluded from some such as the mini skirt since all was visible to anyone shorter than I was. Sue Vincent takes us through her various transformations.

I was born in… well, we can gloss over that. Let’s just say that my childhood was spent in an era of extremes. War and calls for peace dominated the headlines, crooners shared the charts with pop groups, hemlines varied between revelation and medieval and most married women…and God help you if you weren’t…still stayed at home to raise their children.

My mother had already broken that mould by working full-time when I was small. She had grown from a pretty young woman to look like Susan Hayward and dressed like Marilyn Monroe. She had fixed ideas on fashion and it was into this environment that my first stirrings of femininity would flutter.

I was blonde when I was very young, with pale wild waves that were rigorously moulded into an acceptable shape with rollers, curling irons and a back-comb, then glued into submission with lacquer. When I was about seven, the pale golden glory began to darken to a nondescript mousey brown. My mother, whose own enhanced hair colour cycled through several shades of auburn, objected to this and began the application of a vile peroxide product known as ‘Light and Bright’. Not, she would assure me, a hair dye. More of a colour corrector.

Find out more about Sue’s sartorial journey through the decades (only a few):

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

Now it is time for a guided tour of Cambodia courtesy of Geoff Le Pard.. There have been four posts so far and this one has some photographs of Phnom Penh as a prelude to some sightseeing the following day… However, there is a secret concealed within the post that will intrigue you.. Part one of a short story.. a whodunnit… Who Killed Cocky Robin

Seim Reap is now behind us and we are in the capital, Phnom Penh, named after the mother of the city, Madame Penh. Don’t you love the egalitarian nature of that fact?

Travelling by air across Cambodia brings home just how sodden parts of it are. Tonle Sap, the Great Lake we visited recently is fed by a river that in part joins the massive Mekong with one other and it is at this confluence that Phnom Penh is situated. The small oblong paddy fields could, from on high, be English farmland until you appreciate the quantity of standing water and see the stilted housing.

The city is, again from a distance, not much different to many others. At ground level it has the manic bustle of the developing world, the occasional gleaning tower surroundied by streets of chaotic housing and a macrame of wiring providing power. Our hotel is a former colonial building, all wooden balustrades and odd cul de sacs. The room, though, is huge and the bath bigger than our bed at home.

Tomorrow it’s the Royal Palace, a picnic and the National Museum but for today a couple of images.

Head over and read see the stunning photos and read part one of Who Killed Cocky Robin:

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

You cannot beat C.S.Boyack and Lisa Burton for entertainment combined with a message for authors. Do you find that you are running out of ideas for plots, characters and perhaps even a little misdirection for your readers.. Have no fear there is a travelling salesman who tours the country with the answer to your problems.. plus he has a yen for the gorgeous Lisa. Oh and he does a nice line in sidekicks.

I looked up from my iPad in the paranormal office. The sound of the mailman driving away caught my attention. My coffee cup was empty anyway, so I headed for the lobby, by way of the kitchen.
Lisa sorted the mail, and it looked like everything was for her and her radio show. It usually is.

I grabbed coffee and turned back toward my office. The sound of a heavy door closing caught my attention.

A large man in a rumpled shirt and tie climbed from an aged Cadillac sedan. You couldn’t miss the head of red hair.

“Oh, crap, it’s that guy. Hide!”

“What guy?” Lisa asked.

Head over and meet What Guy… and I suggest you get his details for future use:


If you have not been the object of D.G. Kaye’s hospitality as yet then you might like to read her latest author spotlight which goes out on a Friday.. It is not only a wonderful experience to be including on Debby’s popular blog but it is a great place to get noticed.  This week it was the turn of Lynette Davis and her recent memoir – Even Rain is Just Water.

Today I’m delighted to feature fellow memoir writer and friend, Lynette Davis here with her debut book, her memoir, Even Rain is Just Water – A Memoir of redemption, rejection and revelation. I endorsed Lynette’s book and I can tell you that it is a heart-wrenching read. Lynette’s story about growing up with an emotionally abusive mother and her unfaltering will to survive will grip a reader from start to finish with her beautifully told story of emotional abuse. It will have the reader waiting, waiting to learn when the author has had enough, showing her strength and endurance and applauding her for remaining sane and using her pain to better herself in life instead of becoming just another statistic of abuse.

Lynette runs 2 blogs – The Broken Vessel where she shares stories and articles about people with experiences living with a narcissist and other emotionally traumatic stories and Memoir Notes where you will find articles about writing, self publishing and more.

Read the rest of Lynettes interview and find out more about her memoir:

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

And to finish this selection today a short story from Tanya MacPherson. Stephen King would enjoy this very much… definitely worth heading over and reading and following Tanya.. She posts a short story every Friday.

The Bride of the Lake

She is so beautiful.

Her hair, her smile, her eyes…

Her dress. That dress. That wedding dress.

“Are you ready for your best man speech?” My wife whispered in my ear. With haste I snapped out of my daze and spun around to face her. She was smiling, or at least trying to.

To me it is apparent that she should have had braces in her youth, to fix her lopsided smile if nothing else. But this did not happen and now I am stuck with the decision of having a wife with wonky teeth or a wife with braces. Amber on the other hand, that’s the bride, her smile is perfect. Her teeth are white and her face is symmetrical. She is the image of purity. The way her hair falls into natural curls and her face is veiled and her modesty intact.

Head over and read the rest of this intriguing story:


Thanks for dropping in and I hope you will head over and explore these posts further..Sally



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