The Time Mutants’ guide to Time Travel with Paul Andruss

I am very excited as this afternoon I became a time mutant because I travelled across time and space to Shehanne Moore’s blog where I met up with other mutants otherwise known as the Dudes. We were then all brought up to warp speed by Paul Andruss.. He had slipped into the Hamstah’s dimension to give a discourse on the subject of time travel. Whilst there he made a table of refreshments disappear and gave us access to our family trees. It appears that puberty is to be avoided due to sysmic activity and the dreams I have been experiencing are time travel and not eating cheese too late at night. As always a fascinating post and very appropriate in relation to Shehanne’s book the Writer and the Rake. Anyway head over and Paul will explain everything.. I am off in search of the refreshments. #recommended

shehanne moore


The Mutants Guide to Time Travel  by Paul Andruss.

Please… settle down.

If you let me talk, everything will be explained.

I know this is unsettling.

But it is not your first unsettling experience, is it?

That got your attention!


Many of you fear you are going mad or perhaps caught in some nightmare; which is unsurprising after your recurring vivid dreams and the recent dislocation experience.

You are frightened and alone. Let me assure you. You are not alone. We have all been through the same thing: because each of us is related.

I see you looking at the different styles in the room, clothes, hair, cosmetics, and wondering if I joke. You think you know your family: parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins. You were brought up to view family as those around you. You do not to think in terms of deep time: about generations past and…

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7 thoughts on “The Time Mutants’ guide to Time Travel with Paul Andruss

  1. God Almighty Sally WHAT A BRILLIANT INTRODUCTION!!!!! You had me Howling like a loon with laughter!!!! You lot are the Sunshine of my life! (But don’t tell William I am quoting his Stevie Wonder posts without permission!!!!!) Much love Px

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